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🍬 🍬 Candy Necklace - Candy Crush Saga!

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Dear community,

We’d like to share with you information about a new feature coming to Candy Crush Saga.

Meet the Candy Necklace! 🍬

We are evolving the functionality from the Build-a-bot-feature into a Candy necklace!

The objective will be the same: Win new levels on your first try to unlock goodie bags of boosters for the next level! Chain your wins for sweeter rewards, and we will be giving this feature a new & fresh look!


Let me show you how is going to work and some mockups of the new Candy Necklace below:

Before starting a level: 

Before playing a level, you can see your current win streak and the associated rewards displayed in a Candy Necklace that contains bags of boosters. Future rewards (if you keep your winning streak) are also visible, so you know what to expect! 

Starting and winning a Level:

When starting a new level, your candy bag of rewards will break and your current streak rewards are placed onto the game board:

Continue winning levels to have your streak and rewards increased. The maximum reward upgrade you reach after 5 wins in a row, while your streak counter can continue further!


Losing a level:

If you lose a level, while you're on a streak, you can choose to continue to play the level (and thus keep your streak) or to leave the level and lose your streak and associated rewards from the candy necklace. 


Are you excited to try out the Candy Necklace?

From level 200 and on you can discover this exciting feature! Remember to update your game to the latest version so that you can see the Candy necklace.


That’s all for now Candy Crushers! We really hope you like these changes.

⚠️  Please note that we will be releasing this new feature slowly and not all players will see the changes at the same time. It might take a little while, but it will arrive to all Candy Crushers around the world!


We need your feedback, Candy Crushers!

👉 What do you think of the brand new Candy Necklace? Share your opinion & feedback with us below!


Have a delicious day and happy crushing! 🍬 🍬



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