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Candy chronicles should be replaced

FaRayhaFaRayha Posts: 1,394 Level 5
Candy chronicles stuck for a weeks and end up for 00 hour and i literally dont like the quest in which we have to spend money for getting booster...
Kindly replace with other quest in which players get free booster after completing or winning...


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 21,906 Sweet Legend
    Hi !

    You don't have to buy anything and can ignore it. I do that too. There is an idea area here, where you could open a new idea that the players can vote on. Please check beforehand whether it has not already been done, otherwise it would be double. Even you can vote on the others. There is a lot to agree on. You will find something that will help you:


     ♥ Good luck ♥
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  • FaRayhaFaRayha Posts: 1,394 Level 5
    Thank you @Spinnifix for the suggestion...i will definitely check
  • WonderlandCentury789WonderlandCentury789 Posts: 639 Level 3

    I wished there was a kind of it where you can get free boosters.

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