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So level 8087 needs changing ASAP

thieveslikekingthieveslikeking Posts: 38 Level 2

What on earth is this new version of the level 8087?

The first picture shows how lovely it was for windows 10. The second picture is a representation of corporate greed Get this version binned. Don’t @ me unless you have a logical response.


  • YueyueYueyue Posts: 275 Level 3

    King will buff and nerf levels to their own liking.

    The Windows 10 players are taste testers: They find the level to sweet and too easy, and so King buffs these levels and gives it more of a taste to it.

    The level, as I see it, might be tricky, but not too much of a pain (unlike the level I'm on).

    Hope this helps!

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  • YueyueYueyue Posts: 275 Level 3

    By the way, a tip: Liquorice fences and curls are immune to striped candies, but not wrapped!

  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 22,878 Candy Moderator

    Welcome back.

    In fact, the first levels released on the Windows 10 platform are for testing, and the levels may change after receiving feedback from players about the levels.This test resolves any errors in level and level issues before being published on other platforms.

    You will find more descriptions HERE.

  • thieveslikekingthieveslikeking Posts: 38 Level 2

    The thing is the windows 10 testers as you like to call them didn’t really experience this level in its current format so what were they actually testing. We may well use the same board but they’re playing checkers and we get to play chess against a super computer 😂

    Thanks @Yueyue i know all about the joys of liquorice fences. The sour skulls are leaving a bitter taste too. Now stuck on 8104. Keys are now locked and 6 less moves. The greed continues

    @kiara_wael & @Sukanta_Biswas I found a way to pass the level. Keep playing it over and over and over again. I then got offered 30 extra for 10 gold plus the 5 you get anyway. I don’t like doing this but I’m not getting stuck on this level for days. So with 35 extra moves it was easy. So in other words pay to play if you haven’t got any gold stashed away

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