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🔮🍬 Would like to see a new Booster Machine in the game?

Crazy Cat Lad
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The Bubblegum Troll was looking in his crystal ball the other day and could see something new and sweet in the Candy Crush future!

Tiffi got super excited over what they saw while Yeti was shocked.

What did the crystal ball tell?

A brand new Booster machine that gives you a bonus every day!

Say what? How would that work?

This new machine gives you a Booster every day just like the Booster Wheel, but for every consecutive five days login, you will have a chance to get even more Boosters.

The further up you get on the machine's bonus meter, the bigger rewards can you win. 

If you login in 30 days in a row, you will also have a chance to win the Jackpot. The Jackpot will be big, REALLY BIG!

How would the machine look like?

Here’s a closer look at the crystal ball to see how this new Booster machine would be like:

The reward for what you can win is displayed on the machine window like in the pic above and you can follow your daily login progress on the meter.

If you could affect the future, would like to see this in the game?

Or would you prefer to keep the old Booster Wheel and Treat Calendar?

Please vote and comment what you think and would prefer!

🔮🍬 Would like to see a new Booster Machine in the game? 438 votes

Divine! Love it and wouldn't mind the new feature to replace the Booster Wheel and Treat Calendar, if the rewards are bigger and better.
Crazy Cat LadLinda_PedoneGermano_HM100_K-dawg_Karen_FLee_Ann_TolerRhonda_P_KinchenEiliesha_JarmanCarlajosoSukanta_BiswasMar_SanchezSabrinaMGrace_Clykemsjerk[Deleted User]untamned4nowkiara_waelYorben_Goereeshariwiley 302 votes
Sweet, but I want to keep the Booster Wheel & Daily Treat Calendar as it is today.
Peter_TornarosTzvi_MarcuJohnny_CrushScooterpieDiogo_GuilhermeMerx_GonzalezCharly-4Colleen12Evan_LeiTimhungveraverakrisewardgr33n3y3zbigbillmrbillmescamilla82Pitty_Kittytheressamoorecathydomsanto_chris97lina_s 117 votes
Salty. I'm not a fan of any new features or changes.
_Ajey99Lorkiememe9901SPIGGIEsurajvishnoi94moni269lcystephanieMagic_Mixer 8 votes
I don't know, depends on... (please comment)
Ketra_Stocks3familyNix66conlancAlienscaraubrey1234sherryburris21chikaGSasxxx30fwolcott47baberuth312 11 votes


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