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  • Tzvi_MarcuTzvi_Marcu Posts: 1,573 Level 4


    My favorite was 9036, 9050 and the least favorite is 9073. I post your request in our CCS group andd players will answer but still no one finished the 45 new levels.

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  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,013 Level 4

    @LindQ I have finished the 45 levels and they were a great improvement on the last few weeks. A good variety, with my only complaint being the continuing overuse of licorice and candy bars.

    The best level was 9048 with Freddo the Frog, closely followed by 9076 again with Freddo. Both these levels required tactics in moving and placement of the frog. Although 9076 was a very hard level, I did not have the teleporter problem as pointed out by @Albert_Heinrich .

    The worst level was 9060, a rigid, boring Rainbow Rapids level. 9070, another Rainbow Rapids level wasn't much better. In fact I now treat RR levels as a joke and hope one day they might, like other CCS experiments, just disappear !!

    Also hopefully the Game Studio will have fixed the Space Race and this week we can again enjoy Dexter's company 🐳

  • Marina_ZakonMarina_Zakon Posts: 55 Level 3

    9039 - needs to be tweaked, cannot be passed even with boosters. 9037 - I used UFO at the very end, otherwise, would not be able to pass it. Not sure what is the objective if on every other level you need to buy in or use boosters.

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 489 Kingster

    Hi everyone! Thank you for your feedback so far, I'm taking notes to present to the team. I'd love more answers, so keep them coming ☺️

    9037 and 9039 will both get a patch later today, since they seem to be a little bit too hard right now (but far from impossible, good job to anyone who passed them, we see you!). When it comes to missing calendars etc that's something the devs (the people that do techy stuff and make sure stuff works) have been notified of so they're working on it!

  • Johnny_CrushJohnny_Crush Posts: 210 Level 3

    9037 and 9039 have already been redesigned

  • candyfancycandyfancy Posts: 55 Level 2

    9073 please look into this too


  • LindQLindQ Posts: 489 Kingster

    Any levels that are too difficult will be flagged and fixed as soon as possible. Since 9073 is one of the later levels in the release it's possible we didn't have enough data gathered today, so if it turns out it needs a patch we should see it and get it done tomorrow 😄

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 3,338 Level 5
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    Comments: the levels from this week (9036-9080)

    They're OK...


    Well, there's always gonna be something amiss with the game...

    And that (of course) would be the episode/fast race (among other things), it's the same as last week; more stupidity from this feature, week after week.

    But (by all means) bring back the space race; & not that crap from last week, either.

    It's long overdue.

    BTW, you all can scratch off @laxmibhandary from your tagging list there; she gone...

  • John_58011John_58011 Posts: 175 Level 3

    Level 9039 the bad level of the week, with 9073 not far behind. I got stuck in the top sections unable to move in those sections with just jellies there, only dispensers of licorice whirls, no dispensers of striped or wrapped candy (sure needed in this level) more than enough blockers to begin with. Licorice whirls hard to control. Needed in-play boosters to get rid of the level, 2 x UFO included. 9073 almost as hard though no UFO use was needed, only light use of LH, to clear the bottom corners. Overall quite challenging a release, fun levels few and far between.

  • ScooterpieScooterpie Posts: 3,829 Level 5

    @Peter_Tornaros I agree with you that Level 9048 was the best this week. I liked the way the color bomb dispenser works, making it so you can drop the CB's the same as the keys. Fun.

    Oh Yeah @John_58011 Level 9073 was a booger.

    Really enjoyed this week's levels partially because of the this thread.

  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 452 Level 3

    Stuck at 9067, this level is dreadful. Need a fantastically lucky board to pass.

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 489 Kingster

    For now at least I would just like to know everyone favorite and least favorite level, but we are looking into more ways to gather feedback for the future ^^

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 3,338 Level 5


    The best games.

    We want contests

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    It's debatable on whether or not King offer the best games.

    So you all (apparently you are representing others) want contests, eh?

    Well, we (anyone that does not decipher your language) want you to write in English over here.

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