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  • LindQLindQ Posts: 271 Kingster

    To make sure not all levels are released too hard we actually add on moves to a lot of levels before release, making them 40+ moves. After a week they're all tweaked down to be 35 moves or less, with maybe a few exceptions. I'm taking your feedback into account though, just that last episode seems to have a lot of problematic levels.

    As for the other levels. Both 9073 and 9079 will get bigger changes today (changes to the board, not just moves and layers), and 9076 will get easier as well.

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  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 274 Level 3

    I definitely get the rationale for the high number of moves, its just in this third episode its the nature of some of the boards where you can't do too much to impact the game and you're sitting there matching 3 candies over and over without getting anywhere!

    Good to hear about the changes- i must say i quite enjoyed 9076 though, took me quite a few goes but it was an interesting challenge- keeping the colour bombs ticking over to activate the frog enough, trying to get a double CB combination to help with the frosting... at least you could plan some sort of strategy for beating it, which isn't the case with 9073 or 9079.

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 271 Kingster

    Yeah, I agree! I quite like the idea of 9076, I think it was just made a bit too challenging, hence why the changes are minor and just for difficulty tweaks. 9073 and 9079 are a bit harder to form a strategy on, and there can be a lot of moves that feel useless. That's why they've gotten a bigger change. I hope you all enjoy the patch. But as usual with a redesigned boards, we have no data to go off, so the difficulty might be slightly off (possibly on the easier side?).

  • macdogmacdog Posts: 52 Level 2

    this weeks levels 9036 to 9080 were the toughest ones yet. did somebody make the designers mad??

  • WM_ChanWM_Chan Posts: 27 Level 2

    Why did they reduce the moves of level 9080 from 42 to 21? it is impossible to pass level 9080 with 21 moves. they must be out of their f**king mind.

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 271 Kingster

    Hi there! I can confirm we are not out of our minds. This level was tweaked according to a data tool that predicts how many moves will result in what difficulty. It is usually very accurate, actually! Sometimes it is a bit off, and if it is then we'll see it tomorrow morning when we go over the new data. If it turns out to be impossible or too hard to be a medium difficulty level there will be a patch coming tomorrow ^^

    Thanks for playing though 😉


  • TimhungTimhung Posts: 1,456 Level 5

    new levels will release after 6-8 hours.

    Time to .... new levels.

    Today is Wednesday

    Who will create the new post?

    Play Candy Crush Saga together! Share your ideas in the community!😊

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  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,339 Level 4

    @Timhung, i normally create the post around 12 GMT or as soon as i see someone posted on the new levels. Anyone can post, but we must just make sure the tagging list is up to date.

    I update the list on a Tuesday after i go theough the post to check if there are any newcommers.

    I will sent the names via PM to a few of the regulars.

    I sent it to @Tzvi_Marcu to add to the existing list

  • John_58011John_58011 Posts: 100 Level 3

    Level 9073 yesterday, the board layout was changed yesterday. Being curious, I played the level. Third attempt level cleared no boosters. Non-Win 10 players will not see the hard to reach jellies at the bottom corners.

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 271 Kingster

    This is true! The player base on mobile is a lot bigger, which kind of means that the windows 10 end of content players are the first to see and first to test our levels on a bigger scale. We do test levels before releasing them, but we don't have a huge team of testers so some bugs (like the Oops level last week if you had yoo many boosters) occasionally slip through, and when you guys play them and give your feedback we can change the levels, and future levels, for the better! 😄

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