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the whale competition soed not work

allocamalpasallocamalpas Posts: 31 Level 2

I don't know exactly is the name is right.: that competition in which you have to collect the most green candies and at the end of competinion if you are first you win a very good reward

these last weeks the competition starts and then disapppears and doesn' return or starts, disapperars than restarts

it's happened many times in this last year, I only want to report this problem


one thing for another..

do you know that tomorrow is my birthday???

do you have a gift for this good girl? :) :) :)


  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 61,788 Candy Moderator

    Hi and Welcome to our Community

    The Events or Challenges is in the Test Group so we cannot say for sure that you will always find this feature.

    The Fun Event menu returns when the game is regular. Probably no event is currently active for you so the menu is not available.

    Keep playing the game, your fun event menu will return.

    and please check this page

    Thank you

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