🍪🍭 Poll of the week - Color Bomb vs Candy Hammer

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Color Bomb or Candy Hammer?

Candy Hammer or Color Bomb?

Which one do you prefer?

Vote and comment on what team you are in?

🍪🍭 Poll of the week - Color Bomb vs Candy Hammer 72 votes

Color Bomb
Germano_Peter_Tornarosglcoop66Lily_PoulinAndres-2Merx_GonzalezColleen-12SabrinaMDiamond LimMightyWolfAshrafKriss19xxJahnavisiti_payunglaleydanicandyLoveDachsMountainMomteresawallace44santo_chris97 44 votes
Candy Hammer
Crazy Cat LadMary_KayTzvi_MarcuScooterpiekiara_waeljeanpsNat09fizaaaolyamt[Deleted User]DieOmimiExtremeCBrajdeeptbPrincess_lovelyShilviya18Iffu2maryjane117bekicrusherundercon2MonroeH 28 votes


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