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  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

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    Then again, i'm not cheating this time. @Loser9

    Besides, it's also impossible to obtain a score of exactly 6000 on level 606, because the jellies will fill your points up to about 9000, not to mention sugar crush.

    You're a cheater, yet you accuse people of cheating.

    How ironic.

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  • Loser9Loser9 Posts: 169 Level 3
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    @Loser9 Do you want me to record my gameplay to prove that it's totally possible to obtain that score on level 606?

    Go on. I dare you.

    Because if you really think that it's impossible to score exactly 6000 points on level 606, you should agree that it's even more unlikely to score exactly 2800 points on level 108 (especially because it's a three-coloured level).\

    I just pointed out that it's impossible to score a perfect 6000 on 606, while it's possible to score 2800 on level 108. Please keep in mind that they're both 3 coloured levels, so I stand my ground that I did not cheat.

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    Hi @Fences , @Loser9 .

    I would request both of you to please refrain from accusing each other. We will look into this matter.

    Now please no more accusing messages in this forum....


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  • Loser9Loser9 Posts: 169 Level 3
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    @Loser9 Yeah i was wrong about the number of colours, but you still haven't showed me the video.

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    @aijaziqbal @Origins7_Dale @Loser9

    I too have an issue with fences score on level 108. It is impossible to get a score of 2800. This level requires you to collect 28 liquorice swirls and each one gives you 100 points, therefore 2800.

    However to collect the liquorice you have to make moves and match candies.....and this gives points. Each of the 20 moves allocated will attract points and therefore A final score of 2800 is impossible as you get that score for collecting the liquorice.

    sorry but something is not right here ☹️

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    @Jane_S Well how about loser's score then? Is it legit?

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    Hi @Loser9 .

    You Are Right.

    In Level 108 Needs to clear 28 licorice. 👇

    Good Move @Fences 👏.

    But you Forgot that there Are Another Blocker too in board 😮😮👇

    2 tripple Layered Frosting and 2 Double Layer Frosting. Total 10 Frosting (Now You Think Really How I missed 😁😁).

    So When We Match Candies To. clear Frosting It Gives Us 40 Points Of one Frosting only (I Repeat Only Frosting Not Of Move).

    These Points Of Blockers Only 👆👆

    Also There Are Minimum Possible Move Point Is 60.

    So When we clear This Level minimum Points Will Be 👇

    2800 (licorice Blockers )+ 400 (Frosting )+ 1200 (20 Moves Point )

    so Minimum Points Will Be 4400. @aijaziqbal

    How @Fences Have only 2800 point? .

    And This👇

    @Loser9 Yeah i was wrong about the number of colours, but you still haven't showed me the video..

    You Should make A Video Of Your Gameplay Too.

    How You Got This Score, only 1 Score points with three star 😠, And How You find Minus Score. Make A Video And Upload Here.

    I Know Candy Crush Game Very Well. There are no Such Of Thing If You Are Playing Fair.

    And Also If I am Wrong Then Please Ask Any Kingster, or Level Designers On Studio. @Crazy Cat Lad @LindQ .

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    Hi @aijaziqbal @Jane_S @Loser9 @YoshLee44 @Nix66 @Yosca @Werner_Cichy @DieOmimi @ElenaVorona, thx for contest & tag, & The CCS Low Scoring Players Group! 

    I will only say a few things, then really have other work to do. First, you have your hands full here my friend @aijaziqbal. You will notice above, this is not my contest. So posting at my *Profile, which btw, I get no *Notifications there, or dragging me into this, is really not in your best interest.

    While *Wiki / Fandom is helpful on some things, need to keep a few other things in mind here. *King Studio does *Tweak, meaning change things on Levels, been doing it for some time now. So only the *CMs can know, after contacting them, what has happened on *Levels they are investigating.

    Your suggestion @Fences, on doing *Videos, is a very good one. Keeping in mind that it is still open to *Verification or *Falsification, because *Videos can also be *Manipulated by man. It only takes 1 *Legit Refutation to bring theory, statements, etc... down. So once your *Integrity has been compromised, very hard to get it back. Have to *Re-Prove yourself.

    I will give 1 example, it is:

    • Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem

    It is a brilliant refutation on any or all systems that start with themselves. That is the penalty, for not questioning your *Starting Point. Self Referential systems produce, circular reasoning, endless contradictions, etc... You need a *Absolute Reference Point in life. As the brilliant *Christian Apologist Philosopher Francis Schaeffer pointed out, with this statement from:

    • Jean-Paul Sartre 
    • "Without an Absolute Reference Point, all finite points are absurd." Or, "No finite point has meaning without an infinite reference point."

    Call this what you like.


    Below have *Updated Scores with a couple *Caveats!

    *Pages 1 & 2 *Rules / *Page 13 *Scores!

    • *Current Standings 5/16/2021! - *The 5 Lowest Scores Will Win - *20 Gold Bars Each!

    • @Fences *Score 2,800 *Page 11 *Under Review! *See @Jane_S post on *Page 13!

    1. @Loser9 *Score 6,000 *Page 14 *Video Proof!
    2. @Jane_S *Score 7,300 *Page 14
    3. @Sukanta_Biswas *Score 7,300 *Page 15
    4. @Origins7_Dale *Score 7,300 *Page 16 *Screenshot Below Also!
    5. @Werner_Cichy *Score 7,300 *Page 16

    • Other Players Scores!

    @santo_chris97 *Score 7,540 *Page 15

    @gr33n3y3z *Score 8,020 *Page 4 *Wants No *Gold Bars!

    @Freddy_ *Score 8,020 *Page 15

    @Nix66 *Score 8,380 *Page 9

    @CerbeRus777 *Score 8,500 *Page 12

    @Tiffi24 *Score 8,920 *Page 8 *According to @gr33n3y3z *Banned, see her post at *Page 9!

    @bearwithme *Score 9,460 *Page 15

    @Shilviya18 *Score 10,240 *Page 15

    @PummyRaj *Score 10,540 *Page 15

    @Nwosu *Score 10,860 *Page 14 

    @Alizakhan *Score 11,540 *Page 8

    @CerbeRus777 *Score 11,680 *Page 5

    @bekicrusher *Score 12,760 *Page 2

    @Kezabelle3 *Score 86,620 *Page 3

    @greddycandy *Score 165,220 *Page 3 

    Very simple now. Beat any of the 5 scores above, by posting a *Lower Score.



    • Uncheck any *Pre - Boosters before entering level!
    • Try to find a Level above 100, that has *No Pre - Boosters!
    • Along with, a level with the fewest *Boosters on the board!
    • Boosters are now your enemy, in a *Low Scoring Contest!
    • Freddo The Candy Frog is the *Key on *Level 606! *Use him to eat those *Boosters, with no discharge! Freddo also eats *Pasta, he is from *Italy! (hehe)

    • Sticker by Candy Crush for iOS & Android | GIPHY

    Cyas later, with a low score, I hope.

    • Low Score Contest by @aijaziqbal - My Score 7,300 - CCS - Origins7 Dale

    Take Care Group - Origins7 Dale, 😀

    My Player / User ID: 9815076088 

    5/11/2021 *Edited For *Updating Scores On 5/16/2021! @aijaziqbal

    • Welcome To The King Community 😀

    Origins7_Dale 😎 — *Soda Moderator

    Candy Crush Saga — Level 9681

    • v1.2040.2.0 Modified 6/10/2021 *Update!

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    • v1.195.600.0 Modified 6/10/2021 *Update!

    Win 10 Pro PC - Desktop App / Facebook!

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    Apologies @Origins7_Dale

    I tagged you into my post because I know you are super hot on the rules and fair play.

    I appreciate Fandom isn’t particularly reliable I just used it to back up my point, I have played level 108 today and it does still require 28 liquorice.

    apologies again, I am just fighting the corner for fair play

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