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🌹🌳🍰 Gummy Gardens - New sweet and bubbly event!

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The Bubblegum Troll has been naughty again and playing one of his sticky tricks. He has got the whole Gummy Garden in Candy Kingdom covered in bubblegum! 

Tiffi is devastated! The whole garden is a sticky disaster and she will need your help to get the garden back in sweet bloom.

You can find the event under the events tab in the game and the event starts on 19 May and runs until 4 June.

How can I save the Gummy Gardens from all bubblegum?

Simply play your regular levels on the Saga map and for each completed level you will get a watering can of Sweetonium. 

The Sweetonium filled watering cans is the event currency and you can find all your collected Sweetonium in the upper right corner.

The watering cans with Sweetonium are the key!

The watering cans with Sweetonium are being used to uncover the Gummy Gardens from all bubblegum. 

You uncover the pieces of bubblegum from the garden one by one and use the Sweetonium you collected. When all bubblegum has been cleared you can continue with decorating the garden to make it even more sweet, green and flowery. 

The more you upgrade the garden, the bigger watering cans of Sweetonium you will get after completing a level. 

Bigger watering cans means also that you will be able to upgrade the garden faster.

Check the watering can down to the right to see your current can size.

What can I win?

Every second time you upgrade the garden you will get rewarded with a timed Striped & Wrapped Candy.

That’s not all though! For each tier reached in the event, you will get a bonus reward.

Follow your progress and rewards above in the event on the Happy Meter.

The green check mark down to the left will show your goals; your progress for the next watering can of Sweetonium size and also the next Booster reward. 

The progress for the next tier and the bonus reward is shown above in the game next to the watering cans and Lives.

Candy News keep you updated

Don't forget to read the Candy News when they come up in the event to be updated on all what happens in the Gummy Gardens and what you will need to do next!

If you don't read the news, you may get lost in the garden.

Are you ready to clear all bubblegum and spread the blooming spring mode in Gummy Gardens?

Extra bonus to claim!

Share a screenshot of your progress in the event and how your Gummy Garden looks like!

On 4 June when the event ends we will send out 3 Candy Hammers to five players who shared a pic of their garden as an extra reward.

You have until Friday 4 June 06:00 EST/ 12:00 CET to participate and post the screenshot and you’ll find terms and conditions here.



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