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Dear technical staff, I'm on 9000+ and wish playing low level without scrolling and scrolling.. please!!

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    Hello and welcome

    Please only post here in English and your question is always an idea. Please go there and vote. The master list of ideas is at the top in the green on the page.

    You can read everything there! thanks

    @bearwithme Please close, thank you

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    Hello @kingkash Wishing to move between the levels of CCS is a really popular suggestion and there has already been more than one idea submitted on this subject.

    If you look above your post you will see that there is already an active idea asking for a method of moving quickly between the levels. This part of the forum does not like repeat ideas so you will be better off voting on the existing idea rather than starting your own post. The more votes an idea gets the better.

    Here is a link to the existing idea


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    Hell @kingkash and a very warm welcome to our wonderful community. As mentioned above - this has been one of the most requested changes for a long time. Please vote on the original idea. I have definitely already voted for it - I too am at 9000+n(actually over 9300) and it is definitely tiresome to have to scroll down to lower levels.

    Now that you have discovered the community I hope you will stay and enjoy some of the things we have to offer including support for issues and tips and tricks for difficult levels, interesting discussions (please feel free to create some of your own), fun mini-games and contests where you can win gold bars and/or boosters and sometimes even a badge!

    Since your suggestion is a duplicate of one already in existence I am going to close this one right now. 😊

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