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    Hello again, only 18 moves to clear all the jelly is not many, but it is possible to win if you concentrate on clearing the cakes using stripes, wraps, color bombs, and combos. You won't be able to make matches beside the cakes so work on clearing the blockers so you have space to make the combos you need.

    Normally you would want to work in the bottom part of the board to create cascades, but you need to keep the chocolate from taking over too much in the top right so you will need to make some moves there to begin with.

    You will get lots of cascades once the board is opened so don't give up even if you are down to your last couple of moves. The cakes will take the jelly that is under them so simply destroying them will be enough once the rest of the board is fairly clear.

    Cascades are the answer, so keep looking for those combos to get the candies cascading at every opportunity.

    Hope this helps.

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