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Giving other players lives and vice versa in the Candy crush Saga game

gemazing Posts: 153 Level 3
edited August 2021 in Discussions

📊 Hello to you all, 📊

Q* Is there any way of thanking other players for giving you lives when requested in the Candy Crush Saga game?

* I've only just reached level 3 and haven't seen anywhere to do this so far.

Q* Do you have to reach a certain level before this is possible? Or are neither of these options available?

Q* If this IS POSSIBLE, how do you do it? And from what level are you able to do so?

Q* If this is NOT POSSIBLE, can someone please advise me how to create a pole so we can all see if other user's would appreciate this function, and whether user's would prefer :

A* A simple "Thank you" icon that you can click on.

B* Be able to send a message of appreciation when accepting a life.

C* Both

📊 Thank you in advance for all/any information, advise and feedback you may provide. 📊

It is now 2:30am so I'm going to bed now and will look forward to receiving your feedback when I wake up.

🛌😴 Sweet dreams to you all. Gemski 😴 🛌


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