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Feedback on levels 9981 - 10 025



  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 24,972 Friends Moderator

    I only have the Daily Treat Machine on the mobile device, not at Win 10 where I would actually need it.

  • Ditte
    Ditte Posts: 464 Level 3

    Same here until yesterday. Finally got 9990. Now hours (or probably rather days) of fun with 9991. Yep I've managed one of the 110 levels needed for the contest.

  • Purvi_Macwan
    Purvi_Macwan Posts: 63 Level 2

    @LindQ - Another Blunder at level 9999. some people gets 35 moves while some gets only 23 moves. Its impossible to get this done in 23 moves. see below. Can someone take a moment and answer why is this discrepancy.

    My Game.

    Vs Others.

  • Ditte
    Ditte Posts: 464 Level 3

    The video is dated 13th of July so apparently King decided the level was too easy and changed it since then.

  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3

    Yep, making levels impossible for different players is how King work. The only game that discriminates against players based on what time you happen to play a level and what operating system you PC has on it.

  • Montrachet
    Montrachet Posts: 41 Level 2

    Brexit ... Trump ... Pandemic ... none of these events, even Tony Robinson somehow being knighted, had prepared me for the sheer nonsensicality of what we have all experienced over the last week. Reached Level 9990 last Wednesday, and now find myself thrashing about aimlessly on Level 9994 - just 4 levels completed in 7 days. No idea how many hundreds of failed attempts, but I have reached the maximum 'Extra Moves' on all of these levels, and only ever passed each and every one of them with entirely random luck rather than due to a fresh strategy or skill.

    @LindQ - I have stated that I don't wish to be a serial 'Negative Nelly', but 'Moaning Myrtle' would like to make a short cameo appearance. No-one who has reached these levels has done so without having some cerebral ability to adapt to difficult challenges, but the 10 levels being discussed just do not resemble the tone and rhythm of the game we have all come to love. I am reluctant to focus on any single level for attention as there is a clear need for a comprehensive review and refresh of all 10. I too, have looked on bemused when seeing screenshots of people having many hundreds of boosters to aid progress. No idea if they accrued so many via playing, buying or hacks, but I am almost certain that the vast majority of users have none or very few aids to call on, and it has made the last 7 days a tedious and highly frustrating time. A time that most people had been anticipating would be a pleasurable lead up to a landmark event. Instead it feels like a boyfriend or girlfriend that you adore has chosen to wait until a few days before your birthday to dump you. Not only that, they offered little explanation and took the Pot Noodle collection that you had lovingly accumulated over many years.

    I remain committed to getting to 10,000 without resorting to looking for ways around the system, but please ..... give me another chance, Candy. ❤️ I will even do my own ironing if you will take me back.

  • candyfancy
    candyfancy Posts: 56 Level 3

    All 10 filthy levels which is remake of 1k to 9k is just spoilt all good memories connected with these old levels. Countless failed tries and cant pass it without plenty of boosters.

    Specially 6k 8k and 9k i repeatedly used to play to fill chocolate box , Now ruined everything. Sincerely no mood to play though I reach 10k with all my collected boosters.

    @LindQ thank you and I enjoyed this 10k CCS journey specially this last week.

  • Ditte
    Ditte Posts: 464 Level 3

    Got 9991 with a UFO. Now stuck at 9992. First try I only needed a few more greens and thought no problem. But that was a lucky board. Is it supposed to be a remake of level 3000? I don't see the resemblance to the old 3000 I knew. Don't know if that level has been changed since I played it a long time ago.

  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3
    edited August 2021

    Its is kind of similar, in that there are a load of fish bobbers shaped like 3K and you start with a CB+CB. That's where the similarities end, however, in that 3000 is fun, and 9992 is horrific. You just have to sit back and enjoy the "challenge" of waiting for the lucky board.

  • Ditte
    Ditte Posts: 464 Level 3

    @Michael-6 I don't think I've ever seen so many layers upon layers of crap in one level. Got lucky with a cb/cb and another cb/cb I could set up with a hand. This looked a bit similar to level 6000 in layout. 9994 wasn't so bad. Took several tries, but at least it felt and was doable.

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