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Feedback on levels 10 071 - 10 115



  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 864 Level 3
    edited August 2021

    The level threads used to have many pages of comments, the last few have been so quiet. The one exception being the huge amount of anger for the slop that was the 10000 week. King are doing their best to put players off playing.

    Certainly, the only incentive for me to keep going now is to play the levels before the designers subsequently ruin them all. The star challenge is appalling, the collect candy/pass level challenges are pointless because there are never enough new levels to compete in them, the episode race has once again vanished into the Bermuda Triangle, the chocolate box still hasn't shown up in my game (honestly, how much "testing" does a feature need?), the treat machine puffs out one free switch per day (but you might get a nice prize after forty bloody two days), there is still no feature to jump to earlier episodes to play better levels, the ability to quit a level without it costing you a life if you haven't made any moves is gone, oops levels still make an appearance even though we are told they won't, the sour skulls are spreading like the delta variant despite all feedback saying reduce the number of them...

    Honestly, they would be better off releasing two or even just one new episode per week that's of a high quality, and spend more time fixing the rest of the game so that all players get an identical experience. i.e. all players get access to all available features, and all players get the same amount of moves to complete a level, as opposed to wondering why a level that once had 30 moves now has 13 and cannot be completed, simply because you picked the wrong day to play the level.

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  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,601 Level 4

    @Michael-6, well said. King still wonders what made the game so appealing all those years ago.

    I could pinch my screen on the tablet and making the play area smaller and select level, pinch again, until I am where I wnat to be.

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,244 Level 4

    @Michael-6 Totally agree with you. Another, you didn't mention, Dexter used to be fun to talk about and had gained legend status, now we have exactly the same game with differing graphics and we get posts inviting us to play an "exciting" new game.

  • DitteDitte Posts: 464 Level 3

    @Peter_Tornaros I also miss Dexter. Now they just change the name after a few weeks as an excuse to make us start all over again when we get to the good stuff. And lately I haven't been able to claim the timed boosters wednesday when they're useful.

  • ScooterpieScooterpie Posts: 4,571 Level 5

    @Peter_Tornaros love your signature. Yeah there was not much of a sugar high this week!

    I was on a 6 day road trip so I really did not enjoy much about nothing!

    There were several levels that I did like but the anger felt by all my friends here makes it not even fun to talk about them.

    I was thankful not to have an episode race this week would have been impossible for me to do within the time constraints while traveling and sharing a computer. Candy Crush versus GunBroker again!

    We need some balance here!

    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

  • Johnny_CrushJohnny_Crush Posts: 229 Level 3
    edited September 2021

    It's gonna be a dog day afternoon. Level 10116 is impossible...

    Only 4 rainbow twists on the board, so the locked bubble gums cannot be unlocked...

  • DitteDitte Posts: 464 Level 3

    @Johnny_Crush Just what I wanted to hear. They really are doing their best to chase away the players who considered quitting at level 10000, but didn't.

  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 864 Level 3

    Yeah, that's my necklace wasted finding that out.

    What an absolute shambles!

  • ernstblnernstbln Posts: 297 Level 3

    i I had to use 51 gold bars for 3 extra tries before I got enough swirls to finish level. I just could not get enuf lucky candies. Ttied it a second time and breezed thru with plenty swirls.And lucky candies. over 10,000 levels and this was the worst one I ever had. with enuf moves left in my first game I just could not get any swirls. terrible design

  • Graham_the_NomadGraham_the_Nomad Posts: 101 Level 3
    edited September 2021

    (EDITED by CM - Inappropriate/ abusive language) 

  • Jwhpotter10Jwhpotter10 Posts: 1 Newbie

    10089 is ridiculously hard, nowhere near enough moves to get the final 2 cherries

  • kazautarchkazautarch Posts: 8 Level 2

    What's wrong with level 10112?

    It is way different than the ones I see on Youtube videos.

    I started with only 21 moves and with the side bars locked.

    The fishes don't work at all, as they will not target the side bars but randomly clean the color candies.

    Which means you need at least 2 attacks on the side bar bubbles and the only way to hit them the second time, is to combine 2 chocolate together, that is INSANELY IMPOSSIBLE. That's ridiculous, you really need extremely good luck to do so.

    Not even mention you still have a lot of glasses to clean after that.

    This level will stop me and many other people from playing, seriously.

    P.S. It is the same for mobile and PC version, and I have already updated the apps to the newest.

  • jujajuja Posts: 42 Level 2

    10075. I obviously had a lucky board after playing this level for 2 days: a waterfall of colorbombs, all sort of combinations, all seemed so easy and I was sure I would beat it this time. But King wouldn't be King as we all know now. The second cherry got stuck at the bottom and no additional moves would get it out. The level of my frustration? You better not know. Back to square one with dull boards. Enjoying torturing us, King?

  • jujajuja Posts: 42 Level 2

    10088 is ridiculously hard. After King modified the licorice dispenser, the level became impossible to win. None of the videos have that heavy flow of licorice that prevents from clearing the cakes. Please fix it.

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