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Feedback on levels 10 371 - 10 430



  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 685 Level 3

    I got past 10375 after a go where the board created a colour bomb every move for 8 moves in a row.

    This vegas style approach to being allowed past levels is not good at all.

    And i see that 10376 is rubbish as well. Is every level just going to be awful from now on?

    It seems very clear the priorities of the game at the moment are in topping up the bank balance of the irritating kardashian.

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  • LindQLindQ Posts: 550 Kingster

    First of all, we will of course go over data on difficulty during the day and during the day tomorrow (for the later levels).

    Second of all, to make sure players at the end of content have a better chance during all stars we have released some extra levels lately, but it will not turn into a regular occurrence (that we have planned at least). I understand not everyone (especially outside of the US) is interested, but some players are very interested in competing!

    Thirdly, I do hear you about the.. blocker overload 😅 We are looking into some new guidelines for levels, partly because of all of your feedback!🤗 But as you know, we are working a few weeks ahead of you.

    I'm glad to hear you like the 4th episode, I planned it myself 😊

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,136 Level 4

    Have now finished the 60 levels. As I said earlier the first 2 Episodes were rubbish and unfortunately the third Episode showed no improvement, in fact it was probably the worst. Full of poorly designed boards, glitches and boredom. 10402 and 10413 both have glitches. There are not enough moves to fill the licorice orders. Moves run out before enough licorice is dispensed. Both levels required extra moves to finish.

    I am against the release of 4 Episodes in a week, however the fourth and last Episode this week was brilliant. I kept having flashbacks to what CC used to be like. I note @LindQ you said you planned the episode. Well done, you need congratulating, not a bad level 👋👋

    To answer your questions @Crazy Cat Lad :

    This week we want to know how you feel about the following things!

    1 Is there anything you felt was missing in this release? Something that you would have wanted to have more of on the levels?

    Competence in the design of Episodes 1, 2 & 3.

    2 How long did it take to complete all the levels? Did you manage to crush all 60 levels in a week?

    12 hours for the first 3 Episodes. I had to keep walking away because of utter boredom. Under an hour for the brilliant Episode 4.

    3 What was your absolute favorite level? Which level would you like to play one more time?

    10426 was outstanding. Just like the old CC, plenty of color, a brilliantly designed board that allowed manoeuvring to make combos, required tactics and kept the brain working. 10428 with Samantha and 10430 were also of the highest standard. I could play the entire episode over and over again 👍️

  • GoldenswordzGoldenswordz Posts: 324 Level 3

    Yeah the levels definitely felt different. @LindQ did mention "new guidelines" for levels, so maybe this was what they meant?

  • GoldenswordzGoldenswordz Posts: 324 Level 3
    edited October 2021

    Also some have access to the cobra levels now due to testing. They will release next week. I noticed those levels look a lot simpler too.

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 550 Kingster
    edited October 2021

    The Cobra is not far from release now, I've had a lot of fun designing with it! 🤩

    And no, no new guidelines are in place right now, something like that would probably take a bit longer, but we're working on a bunch of fun things. We test stuff all the time to see how it's received. That's why we love feedback on the levels, episodes etc.

  • Marina_ZakonMarina_Zakon Posts: 72 Level 3

    @LindQ can we please circle back to the Episode Race? First, I was promised to join it after Level 10374, then after 10375, now it’s after level 10386. No reason to be so greedy, King.

  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 685 Level 3

    Up to level 10380. With the exception of 10377 and 10378 this really is the worst slog of levels released in a long time by this game. Every single one is bad beyond belief. You have no option but to sit there waiting for cascades- how is this in any way good design?

    Can there be an option to skip to the fourth episode this week, it sounds like it might actually be fun to play. Plus it would be nice to play them before they get mangled early next week by the King wrecking ball.

  • santo_chris97santo_chris97 Posts: 1,420 Level 4
    edited October 2021

    Don't forget to add more moves in later levels! The levels are getting harder and harder because the lack of moves count and too many blockers to be destroyed. Really unbalanced!!!

    We need to complete the levels using skill, tactics, and a little luck. We need to save boosters and gold bars.

  • DitteDitte Posts: 464 Level 3

    I agree @Goldenswordz . The first 3 episodes were not fun at all. The 4th is better, but by the time I got to it I was just sick of playing, so that took most of the fun out of it. 4 episodes a week is just WAY TOO MUCH. And I also agree with @Michael-6 about the candy necklace, but I guess it's deliberate to make people use/buy boosters to keep it. So much better in the good old days, when we could use old levels to load it and it had 2 colourbombs at its max. . And when we could "shuffle" the boards.

  • John_58011John_58011 Posts: 199 Level 3

    The difficulty is gradually squeezing the life out of Candy Crush Saga, slowly but surely, like a vacuum cleaner sucking the life out of me. Grounded my way to 10400. Reports of the 4th episode are providing some encouragement, but mostly poorly designed levels 10371 to 10400. To make combos, boosters required, without using gloves and hammers sensibly just total boredom getting nowhere fast. No or little scope for skill/tactics/cascades.

    Facebook users are not happy, now is as bad on Win 10.

    If it is not Sour Skulls (everyone's favourite to grumble about it seems) it is cramped boards with lottery-luck required for necessary combos to clear the blockers encountered. Or hard to reach Magic Mixers especially those on the edge or far away and needs special candy action and more than one in different locations (yuk ! )....if not those then Order Locks, which are as bad, or worse than the Sour Skulls. 30 levels which were all things considered, averaging little fun and plenty of rubbish.

    If it was not @LindQ whom designed those levels, then pass on my thanks for squeezing the life out of Candy Crush Saga, you did a good job there. A good enough job to deserve to be fired. Or at least to be challenged for just what are they playing at ?

    Might feel better when I reach the 4th episode, we shall see. Three episodes are ample.

  • GoldenswordzGoldenswordz Posts: 324 Level 3

    Why do people assume @LindQ designed the bad ones, if anything I think she designed the good levels from the 4th episode.

  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 685 Level 3
    edited October 2021

    10380 is impossible- barring getting the usual miracle board filled with wrappers and colour bombs.

    Another one to add to the review list @LindQ . Quite a long list i imagine.

    It's astonishing how bad the levels are this week. Quite the achievement.

    One thing that is becoming clear is that the feedback from these threads in no way seems to be reflected in future levels. Awful levels, malfunctioning episode races, overuse of sour skulls, massive overuse of blockers... months and months these issues are flagged and nothing changes.

  • GoldenswordzGoldenswordz Posts: 324 Level 3

    Listen to us, the 4th episode is great, less blockers and it's less luck.

  • GraceKungGraceKung Posts: 47 Level 2

    I have completed the fourth episode. Compared with the previous three episodes, it is really much better. 10428 requires more effort, but overall, the fourth episode is both interesting and ingenious.

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