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🍬🍫 Festive Favorites - Hard Candy vs Chocolate

Crazy Cat Lad
Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,123 Community Manager
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Hard Candy or Chocolate?

Which one do you prefer this festive winter season?

Vote which one you prefer and comment also what your favorite candy or chocolate is!

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🍬🍫 Festive Favorites - Hard Candy vs Chocolate 74 votes

Hard Candy
SUZANCETerriMNix66cjay63candyujwalCassDgreddycandyNwosuastrix2ThulipsSheisYFjoannlogan 12 votes
Crazy Cat Lad_Elsa_Tzvi_MarcuKazza-3Alexandra_TangColleen12SabrinaMDiamond_LimGlenn1972bearwithmeNat09FaRayhabmkersey08MiladyRLa Leykdemello101086jojo75ashfordgoonerNenikapakiteresawallace44 62 votes


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