Can't reset password

I play from my phone I don't have it connected with my fb but I did make a profile to save my game. To edit my account setting it asks for a password but of course I forgot it . So I pressed forgot password and it took me to the link but it was the home page no where on it did it say to reset password. I don't know what to do ???


  • StuckInATreeStuckInATree Posts: 4,900

    If you aren't using FB you must be using Kingdom instead. When you are on the page, on the top left hand side you'll see a box that says "save your progress", below this box you will find "Log in to existing account", click on it and on the pop up message you should it says "recover password" near the bottom, click on it and enter your email address and hey presto, you should get an email with a reset link Yasmin! :)

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