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🥚🦔 The Great Adventure - Eggciting events with a special guest star in April!

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Sonic the Hedgehog

31 March - 3 April

First week in the Great Adventure Season we will have a guest starring character in the game - Sonic the Hedgehog!

All blue candies this week will be reskinned into a sonictastic design in the game!

Two different adventures will invite you to join and to collect the blue Sonic Candies.

Sonic Dash Collection

First challenge is to collect 12 000 blue Sonic candies!

Play your regular levels in the game and try to crush as many blue Sonic candies as possible.

Do you think you can make it to the 12 000 in four days?

The Great Chase

Chase the Jelly Queen in the Great Chase by collecting the blue Sonic Candies on your levels.

You will compete against other players on a leaderboard!

Sweet rewards are waiting if you manage to get to the top 10 in your group of players!

Sonic badge in the Community!

If you managed to get to the top 10 on the leaderboard in the Great Chase or collected at least 5 000 blue Sonic Candies in Sonic Dash Collection, take a screenshot of your achievement.

Post your score or achievement HERE to claim your Candy Community Sonic badge.

The badge and the events are only available the first week of the Great Adventure Season!

The Adventure continues!

Our guest starring Sonic will leave us after the first week, but the Great Adventure will continue for three more weeks.

Candy Hunt

6 - 14 April

Compete against other players in different leagues. 

Start in Popsicle Pole, then continue to Caramel Canyon and finish in the Soda Sea.

Make sure to get to a top position on the leaderboard in your league to progress to the next higher league.

Saga Stories - Bomb Voyage!

4 - 14 April

The Jelly Queen has stolen all candies and has spread them around all over the Candy Kingdom. Follow the explosive story on your Saga map when Tiffi is trying to get back all candies.

A delicious reward is given out on the marked levels on the map!

Bubble Trouble

1 - 27 April

The Bubblegum Troll has hidden some goodies in different bubblegums. Help Tiffi and Mr. Toffee to find all the hidden candies.

Choose between five different bubblegums and claim your rewards on each step. Watch out for the Bubblegum Troll though! If you choose the wrong bubblegum, you may lose all your collected goodies. 

Eggstra sweet events in the Great Adventure Season!

The last week in the Great Adventure the orange candies will be reskinned into something eggstra.

Collect all eggs in different events to make your spring eggstra sweet!

Egg Collection

15 - 19 April

Collect the orange egg candies on your levels to fill up the basket in the event.

Claim your eggstra sweet rewards when the basket is full!

Saga Stories - Egg Basket Delivery

15 - 24 April

Follow Tiffi and Dachs delivering sweet candy eggs to all their friends in Candy Kingdom.

Sweet surprises for you as well when reaching the marked levels on the map!

Can this spring get any sweeter?

Golden Egg Contest

21 - 24 April

Collect the orange egg candies and compete against other players on a leaderboard. 

You will need to get to the top 10 in your group of players to claim a reward. The top 3 players though will get an eggstra sweet reward!

Eggstra Gold Bars to win also in Community HERE!

More in Community!

Claim your Candy Sonic badge HERE the first week of the Great Adventure Season.

Share your Great Adventure and claim your adventurous Candy Crush badge HERE!

Give Tiffi an eggstra help in the kitchen and win Gold Bars HERE!

Claim your badge and win eggstra Gold Bars in the Golden Egg Contest HERE!

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