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How to upgrade a laptop to Windows 11?

King_admin Posts: 3,400 Level 3
This discussion was created from comments split from: How to upgrade a laptop to Windows 11?.


  • santo_chris97
    santo_chris97 Posts: 1,494 Level 4
    edited April 2022

    Now, I can play level 11466 - 11510 (released yesterday) using my smartphone.

    I migrated from my laptop to my smartphone because my laptop didn't receive any CCS update anymore in Microsoft Store until today. Is it possible to upgrade my laptop to Windows 11? It's really impossible to upgrade it because the specifications on my laptop don't meet the minimum requirements.

    It means I'm 90 levels away from you whose using PC/laptop and this app is in the latest version.

    Now, I'm at level 11481.

    Remember, the mobile version is harder than the WinPC version.

    Tell me how to get the latest version of CCS in PC/laptop, without losing my boosters.

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