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💌 Lives inbox capacity limit



  • GypsyLuvRose
    GypsyLuvRose Posts: 4 Newbie

    I have reached out to Candy Crush help support and the first few emails they told me they appreciate my feedback and they finally they confirmed a limit on how many friends can give lives into your inbox. But how many? We know their is a 50 lives cap to receive but what is the exact number of lives you can receive daily from friends? Candy Crush is not being transparent enough for us faithful players. We have fun competition and only want to play more to compete and win more, even from a marketing standpoint, when you having fun and stuck on one of those very tough levels, then we are more then likely going to spend the same amount of real money in boosters and bars, not lives because you already put a limit on the chocolate box wins. How patient do you expect us to be with just 5 lives a day from friends when you know they are sending them and waiting 30 min for a refill? This is VERY poor strategy on Candy Crush developers because it's only going to backfire and make people like my husband and friends in my circle who already get easily bored and leave the game for weeks being disinterested. Being greedy never pays off. If you build a community, the people will come. That's in everyday lives. We are already going through tough times mentally, physically, financially, don't let us loyal players be your pawns to use and take advantage of because of inflation. This game literally tells us to "swipe the stress away" quote from Candy Crush themselves. Please fix this.

  • naughtybutnice
    naughtybutnice Posts: 13 Level 2

    Agree totally 👍 I just play less using my 5 lives from a friend and use the 5 lives I'm given until they run out and are refreshed. Very frustrating. Seems like you fly through some levels and then get stuck on others. I will continue to play but absolutely 💯 % will never ever pay for lives.

  • maliam
    maliam Posts: 8 Level 2
    edited June 2022

    Why do you want us to add more friends if you are now limiting our lives daily???????????? Bad move.

  • BurningGlare
    BurningGlare Posts: 2 Newbie

    Strict limit on saved lives AND on the amount we can receive each day?!

    Another ridiculous decision from the developers. I have connected with a lot of friends to play together and they obviously are not getting the lives I send them. I should be able to save as many lives as I want to use when I choose. They have already reduced the number of moves on levels from what players were given a few years ago (if you watch old help videos on passing levels they might have had 25-30 moves and that same level now will have 20 or less).

    I have had similar situations in other games where the developers keep getting greedier and greedier. It does NOT make me spend money. It just makes me quit playing so guess what? They quit getting money from my watching all their ads.

    If this lives limit continues I will be quitting Candy Crush. This coming from a player almost ip to level 5000. There are a lot of other game options out there.

  • Soni__
    Soni__ Posts: 28 Level 2

    I hear you. I am at level 11935 and I am leaving game if they don't change this.

  • pikaika
    pikaika Posts: 6 Level 2

    So stupid they have reduced the moves. I used 25+ lives with both the colour bomb and wrapped candy boosters on all tries. On a PINK level! I did not succeed..

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Newbie

    This is a grab for someone who just want to just play but most people play to utilize boosters,compete and stuff. So i imagine if they do the special effects would be lost. Thats the issue with lives most people having issues with. This mess up the whole boosters. Now they will expect you to buy boosters and lives together where as before you only think about maybe to purchase for more harder levels at the end when you lose not at the beginning of the game were you realize to even continue to play either buy more lives or play carefully with just 5 lives. Which makes the whole competing and all that events they love to throw at us become nothing. But all in all this is a great idea if someone would like to try.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Newbie

    This game is not worth none of that. The best approaches are either: delete game, accept the change, strategies your game play a different way, and not buy anything in their app going forward. I dont see them changing this. They might as well limit one device also. Along with limit friends, limit boosters and limit F5. Its a shame.

  • sianie84
    sianie84 Posts: 31 Level 2

    I’ve never lost any boosters or competitions as a result as far as I’ve noticed. I used to do this quite a lot before you could request lives from other players….but I’m back to it now lol

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