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12115 imposible to difficult

dopje Posts: 877 Level 2

12115 What a ridiculously difficult levels constantly. I can't do anything with it. Far from feasible. It makes no sense at all because it just can't be done in a normal way again. Inhumanly fit.



  • toon_ada
    toon_ada Posts: 148 Level 2

    12115. Untested and useless tbh.

    how can this be released to the public unless it’s just for making money. Get your act sorted , again.

  • tonbru
    tonbru Posts: 11 Level 2

    Why are you doing the level so diffcult? We are playing this game because We love it. But when the level are so usless and it is now way ro make it, i beginning to hate this candy crus game. Fix the level and stop doing that. I have noe used every gold bars to no use!!!!!

  • smitherskathy1
    smitherskathy1 Posts: 65 Level 2

    Again, another impossible level. Videos show anywhere from 21 to 30 plays when I get 21. I am so incredibly frustrated with this game. So, I complain about a level and what do you know, they change it. Why all this work to frustrate us. There are some levels that take an extra 28 moves to beat. Such a money-driven game!

  • the_wire
    the_wire Posts: 87 Level 3

    And here you go again

    12115 is impossible.

    Whats the point of putting these out impossible, then fixing them a week later?

  • toon_ada
    toon_ada Posts: 148 Level 2

    Been waiting a week fora fix on 12115. It’s as if you have to pay to play. putting people off the game.

  • Abdul15
    Abdul15 Posts: 155 Level 2
  • Scorpio54
    Scorpio54 Posts: 63 Level 3

    Agree it’s impossible without using lots of boosters and/or gold bars. I have been stuck on 12115 for 3 days now. This is becoming common on nearly all levels these days. Can no longer win the Episode Race because stuck on impossible levels for too long-therefore can’t win gold bars. On top of that I am no longer receiving any increase in number of moves if I were to buy extra moves with gold bars after being stuck on levels for days- just stays on 5. Feel sorry for my Fantastic Five team as my contributions have been very limited recently.

  • dopje
    dopje Posts: 877 Level 2

    Level after level it goes on and on. Just not feasible and nothing is being done about it. It's not fun anymore this game.

  • toon_ada
    toon_ada Posts: 148 Level 2

    I’m afraid it’s all about the money for now.

    customer service and satisfaction is close to zero for the people who have played from day 1.

    if they cannot test an£ release passable levels. Reduce the numbers of releases each week. They clearly are either not good at developing and testing or want to rip you off. Your choice.

    on 12169 now. Can’t get anywhere near completed. I recon if I use the 35 extra moves for 10 bars, I still won’t do it. How bad is that. 😡

  • jonkar
    jonkar Posts: 5 Level 2

    I totally agree with you, the increase in moves have disappeared. I'm stick on 5702, I dont se how I can get pass this level with only 5 extra moves. Plus, I just won 40 bars, so here I have a total of 68 bars and I wont spend bars for only 5 moves that aren't enough!

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