I have been an avid fan for two years (this is the only computer game I play) was CRUSHED this AM to log onto FB to play and everything is different!! Give us the option to play the original board version (with sounds and corny blasts) or to play on your "newer-faster-smaller-uglier" version. I will leave - it is not the same anymore - I am at level 1468. 


  • StacifayStacifay Posts: 2

    AND - this "new" board takes FOREVER to load - I am done with crushing and KING games.

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • This is the board for the app on your phone. I wish they'd change it back!

  • Bob-6Bob-6 Posts: 3

    I also will not be playing on this interface. Stop messing with it all the time and get it fixed.

  • Karen-36Karen-36 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited April 2017

    I too am very disappointed and upset with the new FB interface. The new FB interface is to small and hard to see. Please bring back the original interface. I have limited vision and your original FB interface made it easier to see, this "new" interface is way to hard. If you were going to change it to match phones and tablets, you didn't think the proportion through on this one at all. Not all have the ability to see things the same... please bring back the original!!!

  • Sue-24Sue-24 Posts: 1

    ^i totally agree with all of the above.  this is the ONLY game i've played consistently on fb for the last several years, but i am no longer going to do so after the change.  for what it's worth, i am not even sure why the new interface is so much "less fun" than the old one ~ only that the effect was immediate and substantial.  it's probably for the best though... see ya candy crush.  it was fun while it lasted :)

  • If I log in as my husband on Facebook I can still play the old version. Why do some people have the mobile version showing and some do not? I don't think this is an update, I think it's a bug. It happened to me once before a few months ago but only lasted a day. Now it's been 3 days. I hope it's fixed soon because this version is terrible on a laptop.

  • I am sick of this changes, it is really a downgrade, and it takes 5 to 10 min to load. The King is dead, time to find a new game.

  • I think I am having the same problem. When I go into Candy Crush on Facebook on my computer, the screen background is all black and the other features can't be seen. Play is impossible. Has this gotten switched to the mobile version somehow?

  • siouxsiesiouxsie Posts: 31 Level 2

    New version takes ages to load, IF it loads at all, and the sugar  candies never appear. Bring back the old version.

  • King needs to fix this. Why aren't they doing anything?

  • PninaVkPninaVk Posts: 1

    The game takes forever to load. Took about 15 minutes. This is the worst... Second thing is the animation, it is too much.

  • I agree with all of it as well, really HATE the new board and lost interest being an avid player anymore. Where are the treasure chests anyways?? 

  • Matt_HMatt_H Posts: 1

    Aren't improvements supposed to make things better? These changes make this game unplayable. Whilst it stays like this, I can't/won't bother playing..

  • Paul_HoggPaul_Hogg Posts: 1

    im the same want to keep playing the dreamworld, love when the owl hits the blocks i need :), granted you need to move to HTML5 but surely you can write to open the older version of the board, since asking friends for help is now a right pain when need to scroll down the list of people.

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