Level 2109 - Dilema

Jeanne.joJeanne.jo Posts: 68 Level 3

On Level 2109 - I am so disappointed because I had only two hand swap boosts left (nothing else) and I used both of them to set it up to get a cake bomb and then have a red candy drop down so that I could use the bomb with the red candy to detonate two red candies left to win the game, but soon as I did the swaps, the red candy I anticipated to fall into place, just disappeared for no reason that I could see.  I don't have enough gold bars or anything left to explode the remaining two red candies, and I have been working on this level for awhile and I am anxious to move on.  This is on my iPhone.  Do you have any suggestions on how I can finish this game - there is a red candy close to the bomb, but not close enough and I have nothing to grab or swap it with.  I wouldn't be asking except that the red candy that disappeared should not have and I should have been able to use it.  I hope you understand my explanation. 

Thank you for any advice or help you can provide.


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  • Jeanne.joJeanne.jo Posts: 68 Level 3
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    Level 2109 has no cake bomb.

    I meant Color Bomb - not Cake Bomb. But now game 2109 that I was working on and asking about is gone from my phone even though I intentionally didn't close CC but I suppose it goes away on its own after some amount of time?
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