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Lucky Candies should do something if it cannot turn into an order item.

JeffMakesGames Posts: 101 Level 3
edited August 2022 in Tiffi's Idea Library

Right now, Lucky Candies will turn into most candies or blockers if an order hasn't been reached.

However, once all possible orders that the Lucky Candy can help fill has been reach, they basically do nothing and disappear when matched.

I remember in the Adobe Flash version of the game before HTML5, that Lucky Candies would turn into Color Bombs if they couldn't help further complete an order.

Any chance this could happen again? Make the Lucky Candies turn into special candies if it can't further make an order. (Stripe, Wrapped, Color Bomb)

Added note: There are some Order based levels where you allow players to use the Lucky Candy booster, but it cannot help fill any of the orders given, so it ends up being a wasted booster. Making it turn into special candies makes it less of a waste.

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