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🏅Weekly Race - Show us how many levels you've passed this week and collect your badges🎉🎉

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Hello all Candy Crushers!

Show us how much you love the game by sharing how many levels you can pass in a week and earn the following crushingly awesome badges! This is an open event so players can take their time to earn the badges. You don't have to try and earn all 7 badges at once. You can always come back and post your screenshot(s) at a later date to show you have qualified for additional badges.

🍬How to get these badges?

If you have the Weekly Race feature in your game - all you need to do is take a screenshot on Sunday when you have completed the race to show how many levels you have completed in a week. (see the example below)

However if you do NOT have the Weekly Race, you need to take a screenshot of your map showing your current level and at the end of a week take another screenshot of your map, showing how many levels you have completed in a week.

No old screenshots please! Since this discussion was posted on a Wednesday, any screenshots at the completion of the current Weekly Race (ends Sunday, 13 Nov 22), will qualify you for the level badges you have earned and remember, you can always post new screenshots in the future to qualify for additional badges.

💫 Pass 15 levels or more and get the 15 levels badge

💫 Pass 30 levels or more and get the 30 levels badge

💫 Pass 50 levels or more and get the 50 levels badge

💫 Pass 75 levels or more and get the 75 levels badge

💫 Pass 100 levels or more and get the 100 levels badge

💫 Pass 150 levels or more and get the 150 levels badge

💫 Pass 200 levels or more and get the 200 levels badge

Ready? Join by commenting and sharing your screenshot(s) below 👇👇

Some more info about the race:

You can share your progress every day, at any time - It does not have to be a proper full week, nor from Monday to Sunday. The most important thing is that we cheer for each other and share our successes! Together we're stronger and can beat more levels 💪😉

NOTE: Some players may have some of these badges already because they were offered in the past as part of a limited time event. However these badges will now be offered on a permanent basis, so start playing and have fun!🎉

These badges are given manually, so please be patient - It might take a few days before you get them added to your profile.

Looking for more CCS badges?

Don't forget to get any milestone badges you are eligible for: Level 1000Level 2000Level 3000Level 4000Level 5000Level 6000Level 7000Level 8000Level 9000Level 10 000Level 11 000Level 12 000 and Level 13 000.

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