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We want your feedback on the levels 12 861 - 12905



  • Lawrence_Roberts
    Lawrence_Roberts Posts: 17 Level 2

    Stop making levels for this section so difficult to complete, some are nigh on impossible until you change your algorithms to make them easier.

    Yes, hard levels are meant to be as such but they should not take ages to complete.

    Also, with regards to gifted lives, I have no idea why you have suddenly decided to limit these to 20 a day when you are allowed 200 in the bank.

    If this continues, then I stop playing and only collect the daily bonuses until you sort this out.

  • SC1989
    SC1989 Posts: 2 Newbie
    edited November 2022

    Regarding Level 12871, i dunno why i see some video people are having much easier version! This is completely unfair. I was the faster people passing the level for the gold bar challenge, but was stucked there and people just pass through me by 1 day? it is completely impossible. I'm furious about this level! :(

  • Andres-2
    Andres-2 Posts: 4,403 Level 5


    The levels are already impossible to pass, they all have 20 moves and a lot of blockers.

    The studio should not hurt those who play on mobile, they should review the levels before launching it.

    An example with soda also reached level 10000, the levels that are released every week have 30 moves or more looking at the difficulty of the level.

  • Lindark
    Lindark Posts: 5,681 Sweet Legend

    This thread looks frightening!

  • MrT2
    MrT2 Posts: 81 Level 2

    Levels 12874 & 12894.

    I mentioned this before. Getting a coconut wheel time reward (through the pumpkin or other reward) is often detrimental as the wheel will only appear once at the start of the game. If you use a coconut wheel booster, the wheel may appear multiple times.

    For a nightmare skull level like 12874, you need the wheel multiple times to have any chance to complete the level. Because of the 30 min coconut wheel reward, I only got the wheel once (at the start … which is then of limited use), couldn’t finish the level, lost my 5 win streak,…. I stopped playing until the ‘delicious’ reward expired and i could use my own coconut wheel booster. Very frustrating.

    Same for 12894. As this was an easier level, I just squeaked by with only one wheel.

    But the point is: rewards should never hurt you. Wheels (and fish rewards are the same) should work like boosters (with multiple appearances). If not, i dont need a coconut wheel reward: i have plenty of wheel boosters to use (you can win plenty of coconut wheel boosters while you can only use them for one or two levels each episode).

    Is this a bug? Or intentional?

  • Carol-38
    Carol-38 Posts: 11,027 Level 5
    edited November 2022

    Unfortunately there are no sweet surprises, just about every level now is the same. Swipe candies around until you have gained 35 extra moves and if you have gold bars use them and hope it will be enough to pass, which of late it isn't. Well like the Kinks song 'I'm a Lover not a Fighter', I'm 'A player not a Payer'. So I'm now 6 episodes behind where I would normally be. Am I bothered, no not anymore. The levels are now so boring, how can they be fun when level after level is impossible with the moves given and you know you just have to play for extra moves then use gold and lots of boosters. Where is the skill in that? So when the new levels are released tomorrow I'll be 9 episodes behind. Oh what a wonderful 10th year celebration we're having.

  • Fences
    Fences Posts: 1,122 Level 4

    Who's hiring these level designers? Please fire them immediately!

  • feliciadaniel
    feliciadaniel Posts: 70 Level 2

    Now at level 12868, for sanity's sake, what's the obsession with 20 moves. It does nothing. Playing used to be fun, not had fun in a long time. Please do something.

  • lorraineq12
    lorraineq12 Posts: 102 Level 2

    I was thinking the same. Every level seems to be 20 moves but i am on 12889 with 20 moves for a couple of days and today its gone to 25 but still not getting close to finishing

    they are getting horrendous now with only 20 moves on all these levels

  • crabby4u
    crabby4u Posts: 9 Level 2

    I have been stuck on level 12868 for 4 days, if it doesn't update I can no longer play, It is literally an impossible level. I am out of coins, I am losing out on boosters, why would I want to play a level with no advancement.

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