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Win a Year's Supply of Gold Bars - Coming soon 😉

QueenB Posts: 10,887 Community Manager
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That's right, you read it right 🤩

What better way to celebrate winter than by having a good old fashion, fun, and friendly Snowball fight ❄❄❄

Are you ready?

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Win a Year's Supply of Gold Bars - Coming soon 😉 90 votes

Sweet! I'm dusting of my Crushing skills
Peter_TornarosHilzzKerrieEOTheGr8mnikehteasirgreddycandyrocio35JJ09012011Germanachokdxanasshahin 12 votes
Tasty! I love me some Gold Bars
Tzvi_MarcuThmoColleen12SabrinaMYorben_GoereebearwithmeSpinnifixjeanpsNamTruong2001Rohahotkell75siti_payungbmkersey08La Leymaf34100DieOmimiKitty28Shilviya18RawalRemano88 62 votes
The weather outside is frightful but the Crushing is so delightful
Beth_Mc_HughMountainMomheather317LoriScott99gordan10Staceye_51L_Diamondzmeldog35[Deleted User]superchumimimibrandimaniek8616chipshot111islander671Butchie64amingy 16 votes


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