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🌜Winter Season - Find the Moon!

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How it works!

The event has two rounds, Qualifier and Final, with reskinned blue candies, Blue Moon!

Fill out the progress bar to win a reward and play the Final Round for stellar prizes!

The Qualifier Round starts on the 10th of January and ends on the 12th!

You need to complete the first round to participate in the Final. Look out for special blue candy; they are very rare, so keep an eye out for them.

You will need to match 7 blue moon candies with the regular blue candies to collect them and reach the target to make it to the Final.

The Final starts on the 13th of January and ends on the 16th!

Leaderboard event. Compete against each other on a leaderboard (Collect Blue Moon Candies). 

Only the Top 5 winners on a leaderboard will win rewards.

Note! I don't have the event! Find more info HERE!

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🌜Winter Season - Find the Moon! 70 votes

Divine! I'm enjoying the event
KingsDaughter14aprilyokley13Shilviya18adidas11zs1982Wg11gamepowerNico_GBettinaRickmaggiecacaSigmaMMXGamer_shebaxsa74TracyStewart41590 14 votes
I love collecting the rare blue moon candies
Tzvi_MarcuYorben_Goereejeanpspeggyvereenfaxeee1jen43greddycandyElviramartinez_61CrystalKingJJ09012011amingy 11 votes
Sweet! I'm competitive so I love these events
Peter_TornarosRiaAli123Lalá03GedoMaxoXxander03332753557nomiLolaPonydolly023rissa28 9 votes
I did not understand the event and how to collect the blue moon candies
772027220CAPTSPICYmonkeyhicham1991 3 votes
I could not collect enough moon candies.. (please comment why)
SpinnifixKaceCollFran334teeweiping 4 votes
The rewards are Sweet
bmkersey08Princess_JessicaIrvan69violet1993 4 votes
All of the above
siti_payungspottedhorsemonday3mimibrandiAshis1234HooteewholostSoul13stephengaryhidayatKhan54652 9 votes
I did not have the event
GingersnappygSabrinaMLil'_MommaMary-Ann_AvellamessenaboutteasirRacoon7Terri_1bombay123MannyFaeGermanachoesmerim01kevwesmilesMobi6624JennJennsxNekstav19 16 votes


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