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🗺 New Saga Map Makeover - Check it out!



  • M19
    M19 Posts: 58 Level 2
  • MzMinerva
    MzMinerva Posts: 101 Level 2
    edited January 2023
    Old map or new map, I just love the journey through the Candy Kingdom

    I've been playing on the new version the past 2 days (many, many hours). Since I play on a tablet, portrait mode is not a problem for me, but seems to be for many others. It's much brighter, (had to turn brightness down) and the graphics are good, however, it kind of looks like 'tunnel vision.' You see more of the road, than the map. Very little on the sides to keep the eyes interested in what's around you. Really not much to see. I enjoyed the old map, as it looks like a beautiful neverending wonderland, as far forward, back, and sides, as you want to see. This new version, just a road. A road that feels like you're going uphill a lot. Can't see what's directly ahead, at times. Everything else, friends, lives, requests, events page, are all as they were before. I see no changes there. I'd rather play the old map, as it's easier on the eyes, more to see. Hope this helps.

    OH. I forgot one big issue! There's no way to tell what area you are in! Chocolate Mountain, Blue Sea, Caramel, etc. Chocolate Mountain is being used for a Valentine contest. You can't tell where you are by looking, either.

  • plazaman
    plazaman Posts: 316 Level 3
    Sour! I don't like the new saga map... (please tell us why)

    Out of interest teeweiping how do you search for a level that makes it easier than the old map. I ask as a friend has the map and he said it took over 200 swipes to get from his 13289 level to one he wanted to play in the 8000s.

  • SusieBaker
    SusieBaker Posts: 3 Newbie

    From the comments I have read, I know that I won't like it. Thank goodness I haven't got it yet. I hope that the decision is made not to change the map given the negative comments from other users. I'm past level 10,000 and don't want to give up. fingers crossed the map won't change.

  • Thunder946
    Thunder946 Posts: 26 Level 2
    Sour! I don't like the new saga map... (please tell us why)

    The only thing that could make this new saga map perfect is a scroll screen to put in old levels for contests, chocolate box, quick start etc. without it the new saga map is worthless.

  • Jdill4458
    Jdill4458 Posts: 165 Level 2
    Sweet! I love the new saga map

    My screen needs to be updated something went wrong

  • unhappygirl
    unhappygirl Posts: 8 Level 2

    I don’t care about the new design map. all I want is to be able to play in landscape mode, not portrait. I shall not be playing CC Saga again until landscape mode is restored.

  • yvonne-7
    yvonne-7 Posts: 9 Level 2

    I didn’t know how to screen shot the gold when I finished, is there a way I can get my badge???

  • maryb34
    maryb34 Posts: 1 Newbie
    Sour! I don't like the new saga map... (please tell us why)

    I understand those behind Candy Crush feel the need to make changes to keep the game current and appealing to new and existing customers, HOWEVER, the team that decided to change the appearance from landscape to portrait has clearly not taken into account those with sight issues. As someone with macular degeneration I now struggle to see the levels properly. Having played Candy Crush for more years than I care to remember, I would feel extremely disappointed if I had to give up the game all because someone has failed to think things through properly when trying to ‘update’ the game

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