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Zero customer service, learned the hard way!

Maks Posts: 3 Newbie

Over 5 years of crushing candies, and over 10,000 level complete, is coming to an end, all bc King won’t make amends for a faulty glitch of a level that cost me 85 gold bars, 7 lives, and an unknown quantity of boosters. I thought for sure they’d do what’s right since I had never tried to get ‘pay back’ from losses on issues before, usually I just get mad but suck them up, and I’ve been playing for so long. But apparently giving back 85 gold bars is something they just can’t afford to do. I’m a paying player, and have spent real money well in excess of the about $8 of gold bars I lost. I’m wondering if this refusal is normal for King? What mindless games do you like to play other than CC…that aren’t owned by King?


  • Maks
    Maks Posts: 3 Newbie
    edited February 1

    I had a level glitch (level 10,195) on me, first time playing it the level, had the ‘bases loaded’ with a 7 winning streak and its boosters, one win short of the Candy Royale competition to be shared by a dozen or so players, and only 2 lives left for the day as I had been playing most of the day off and on as I sit at home miserable with Covid. The last cherry didn’t drop, I had cleared every single goal and no blocks remained, and had easily a dozen included turns that never activated the cherry. I wanted to win it so bad that when it offered me to buy the extra moves I fell for it, thinking to myself ‘It’s ok I’ll contact King and they’ll refund me bc it’s a glitch, maybe it’ll work if I just buy more’. Welll silly me. What ever made me think they’d stand up for me and return my gold bars?! The fact that I’ve been playing over 5 years and NEVER have asked for payback from a glitch before? The fact that one time years ago I had an accidental purchase with gold bars and they did replace it and so I thought ‘they had my back’ for rare issues like I was facing right then? Well I was so wrong thinking that. I’ve contacted them and asked for simply 85 gold bars that I lost due to the glitch. That’s like a $8 customer service credit equivalent. For a paying customer of the game. I never imagined the response I got from King. They first sent a generic email with no info but a link to these forums. Then they tried to blame my game not being updated (newsflash: it was). Then they tried to blame my internet connection (I’ve had internet issues before yep but never do they make a Candy not drop…) Then they said they can’t believe it til they see it and wanted PROOF bc 85 gold bars was a LOT to refund! So I sent them what I had had the mindset to do at the time which was screenshots showing the depletion of my bars and the loss of Candy Royale at the end. Well that didn’t matter. Pretty much was told by the tech person ‘Sucks to be you but glad you got through it without problems the next day! Here’s 20 bars and good luck!’ They basically don’t give 2 craps about keeping a customer happy, or doing the right thing. If I were new to the game…or had never paid a dollar for it…or it was my fault, fine, don’t be nice and refund me. But that is not the case here at all. I just wanted 85 gold bars, which cost them NOTHING to give to me, and I’d be handing back buying boosters bc I’ve depleted all those these last few days as well, playing so much while with Covid. Does anybody else have similar horror stories? I just had thought in my head at the time King would have my back on this as it went down. I was so wrong. I’m virtually done with CC at this point, lots of other games out there,,,Its like starting over now have no gold left since I burned it all trying to beat the glitch, I have no boosters, and zero motivation to ever pay real $ for this game again when they can’t do something so simple as an $8 value credit, so no reason to stay.

  • QueenB
    QueenB Posts: 10,887 Community Manager

    Welcome to the Community @Maks 😃

    We trust in the process that our Player Support Team has when it comes to refunds and compensation and I'm sure the feedback has been passed on to the level designers so they can keep an eye on the level.

    I get that you are frustrated that Gold Bars and Boosters got wasted so let me speak with Support team and see if there is anything else we can do for you 😉

    If this keeps happening, reply back to the last message you got from Support and provide as much details as possible so they can report back to the studio.

    In the meantime, keep an eye on your game 😃

  • Maks
    Maks Posts: 3 Newbie

    Thank you QueenB, it is super frustrating when you want it to work and it doesn’t… and you take the time to report it to get your wasted resources back expecting to receive a ‘I’m sorry, things happen but let me amend what I can!’ because you have zero history of requests/complaints and we believe you…plus you want to do them a favor and notify of the glitch to prevent it from happening to someone else…but instead of ‘we will make this right and report it to prevent someone else thanks for advising us!’ you get blown off like meehhhh not a big deal. It IS a big deal to whomever it happened to and any future player who experiences the same thing!

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