How To Beat Level 3714

This Solution Requires A lot of Free Move and Lolly Pop Hammers!!!! For me it took 20 Free Moves and 8 Hammers + a Full Rack of Space Dash boosters.

They key to getting the Ingredients to drop is to use Hard Hitting Booster Combos to wipe out / clear large portions of the board creation large amounts of empty space for the candies / ingredients to drop into through the portals.

Firstly I used Free Move's to align the 2 Space Dash colour bombs next to each other to get an initial hit on the 3 icing's.

I Then used Hammers to remove the rest of the Icing to open up the portals.

I then used Free Move's to create and align Colour Bomb+Wrapped Candy Combos to open up large areas of space across the board.

The net result of this is that large quantity's of candies will start dropping through the portals+ 1 or 2 of the Ingredients.

When a lot of Candy's are dropping through the portals the game will randomly drop 1 or 2 of the ingredients through the portals along with the hoards of other candies.

Repeat this process until all the ingredients are out.

It took 4 x Colour Bomb+Wrapped Candies + 20 Free Moves, 8 Hammers and a Full Rack of Space Dash Boosters to beat the level.

(no recommended for those who purchase their boosters as it will cost a substantial price for that many boosters)

But if you have a good supply of boosters available this will get you past the level.


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