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(ENDED) ❄️ Winter Games - Team Yeti 🎿

PummyRaj Posts: 32,646 Candy Moderator
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Hello Crushers🤗

We have entered into the Winter Games where Yeti will be competing against Tiffi!

🎿 Welcome to Team Yeti! 🎿

Lets all help him win the winter games by providing three screenshots of your progress on the leaderboard throughout the competition that will start on 9th February, 2024!

Start the competition by posting a screenshot during the "Warm-Up" event and collect your very special and exclusive to Team Yeti's badge created by our wonderful Community Manager @QueenB🫅🐝

In order to keep your badge, you need to post three screenshots of your leaderboard taken any time during the competition. This includes during the qualifier round, semi-finals, and/or finals. Make sure your screenshots clearly show your progress/score throughout the competition.

Any player who doesn't post 3 qualifying screenshots will not get to keep the badge🏅

In addition - 3 lucky players, who at least qualify for the competition will be randomly chosen to win 25 Gold Bars in their CCS game. Winners will be notified once the competition ends on the 20th of February 🗓️

Good luck and Happy Crushing!

Find out more about the Winter Games - HERE 🎿🏂



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