I completed level 1532. Why didn't the game advance me to level 1533?

dc3591dc3591 Posts: 1
I completed level 1532 which was very hard,,,but subsequently the game did not move me up to level 1533. Why is that?
Can you move me to level 1533 via facebook?


  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 5,513 Superstar
    Hi @dc3591 Welcome to the community πŸ€—

    Are you sure you are talking about Friends Saga? Because it doesn't have so much levels. If you are playing any other saga it might happen that you are on the last one and you need to wait for an update.

    I hope you are having fun crushing candies 🍭 Greetings!
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  • ElsaElsa Posts: 16,487 Superstar
    Hi @dc3591, can you please check to see if there are any stars on level 1532?  In CC Soda Saga sometimes the avatar gets stuck and you have to replay the level and then refresh the game in order to advance.  Also clear the history from wherever you are playing it because your history might still be showing you at the lower level.

    @firebombmarkus, did you move the message from Friends Saga to here (CC Saga) because it's now in the right community?  
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