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🙋‍♀️🙋 Help a Newbie & earn up to 200 Gold Bars a month!

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Hey Sweet Community! 🍭✨

We've got a SUPER SWEET DEAL for all you seasoned Crushers out there! We're rolling out the red carpet for our newbies here in the community, and we need YOUR expertise and cheerful spirit to welcome them into our Candy Crush Saga Community! This is an experiment which we will try out until summer! 

Help a newbie and you could get up to 200 Gold Bars every month 🎁

That's right! Answering questions or solving problems for others can really help, and we reward you for it!

Why help?

You get rewards and guide new players, making their experience fun and easy. It's also a great way to meet people and spread joy in our community.

Let's show our new friends how welcoming and helpful the Community can be 🤩

How Can You Help? 🤔

Welcome New Friends: Spot a newbie in need? Offer them a warm welcome and a helping hand!

Note: Engagements should be with members who have recently joined the community (within the current year).

How to spot a Newbie!

Not only will you see their rank but you can also spot them by the number of posts!

Give Tips: If you know something cool or helpful about the game, share it with new players to help them get better.

Be Kind: Your kind words can make someone's day better. Let's be the nicest gaming community for everyone!

Ready to Earn Those Treats? 🍬

Jump right in and start helping! Every piece of advice, every question answered, and every warm welcome counts. Just keep your eyes peeled for our new friends in need of guidance.

To participate, simply start engaging with newbies in our Candy Crush Saga community threads. We will be keeping an eye out for the most helpful and active members, so let's show our new friends how sweet this community can be!

Share Your Contributions: 

On the 15th of each month, we'll ask you to share your help record with us. Keep track of the names of the newbies you have assisted and comment below with your list which we will review.

Note that your rewards will get paid out once your list has been verified. 


Sugar Rush Tier: Assist 5-10 newbies and earn 100 GB

Candy King Tier: Assist 11-20 newbies and earn 150 GB

Divine Legend Tier: Assist 21+ newbies and snag the maximum 200 GB🌟

NOTE! These Gold Bars can be added in any of your King games 😉

Hold on, there's even more...

You'll get a special badge for every tier you achieve! 😉

Divine Legend Tier:

Candy King Tier:

Sugar Rush Tier:

Jump in, share your wisdom, and let's create a welcoming wave of positive vibes that'll keep everyone coming back for more 🍬💪

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