Level 370

SJTJ1981SJTJ1981 Posts: 2
I've tried and tried but this level seems impossible! Anyone got any hints?


  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 4,110 Superstar
    Hello @SJTJ1981, Welcome to the "New" King Community :)

    I am hoping you are asking for the Level # 370 in the game CANDY CRUSH Saga as you have posted in this section!  If so, here is a link for a YouTube Video 

    An useful tip from a fellow player --  To beat this level, take the help of some starting boosters, which would be a "Striped Candy" as well as "Color Bomb".  With this combo, you can create more Striped Candy.

    Also, try to match candy around the "Star" thing, so that the Party popper will clear whole board & all the Bombs will get cleared from the board :)

    ** The game on PC has only 19 moves, but the YouTube video has 35 moves.  I have played this level a long while ago.  Hence, I do not remember how many moves I had!!  I have tried few times just now without using any boosters.  I was loosing the game with short of few Striped Candy.

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    Hope this helps you to beat the level :+1:

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