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🐟FINISHED Month 3 - Quest 3 Go Fishing for Gold & Boosters 🐟

bearwithme Posts: 16,105 Candy Moderator
edited May 22 in Contests

Hello Candy Crushers – are you ready to go fishing?

For Month 3 – Quest 3 you need to collect 30 Fish


1 -Take and post a screenshot of your game once you open a level showing you need to collect a certain number of fish.

2 -Take a second screenshot showing you have successfully won the level (the number of stars doesn’t matter).

3 -You can only play the same level once.

4 - No old screenshots please.


Any player who posts the required screenshots will be eligible to be selected as one of the 5 random players to get 30 Gold Bars in their Candy Crush Saga Game!

In addition, 3 random players who successfully collect at least 30 fish will be selected to win 3 lollipop hammers.

👉Special Badge for successfully completing all 4 quests for Month 3:


This contest will end at 12:00 EDT/18:00 CET 22 May 2024

Good Luck everyone – Happy Fishing!

Contest Terms & Conditions!



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