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  • zuleigaisaacs6zuleigaisaacs6 Posts: 7 New Bee
    Hello everyone! 
    Sorry just to be clear this is an area for you to share your tips with other players, if you have suggestions or ideas for the game please share these here instead. 

    Comments that are not tips/suggestions for other players will be moved to another area in the community. 


  • willdwilld Posts: 2 New Bee
    when playing a game when chocolates are required ensure that you know which type of chocolate you need and allow them to spawn ensuring you can have enough chocolate because if you don't allow more chocolate to spawn you will never have the right amount and you get the oops sorry game over this has caught many players out that are in the high levels 
    I agree with you guy Barnet

  • willdwilld Posts: 2 New Bee
    I think the games ausome but I think if you get to level one hundred you should get 3of all the powers

  • 15208368041520836804 Posts: 31 Level 2
    I really hate when Candy Crush makes me used all my boosters and still not able to pass level 4291 stock for days, Not just wasting boosters but also wasting time. Does anyone really believe Candy Crush is fun?
  • ayzenbergayzenberg Posts: 9 New Bee
    My tip is: as many of you know twice a day you can pick up candy drops. I have a few levels I like with candy drops and play them twice a day. 
  • Crimson_DawnCrimson_Dawn Posts: 2,534 Legend
    Level 666 is my favorite level for sugar drops!
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  • ayzenbergayzenberg Posts: 9 New Bee
    I like it too. My other favorite levels are 906, 1023, 1476 and 1955. Enjoy
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 10,058 Superstar
    I get the most sugar drops from 666 and 1476 but 1168, 1137, and 1003 (906 too) can also get quite a few. I don’t like 1955 any more since it was changed. I get very few sugar drops now. It also used to be a good level to collect cbs. 

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  • ayzenbergayzenberg Posts: 9 New Bee
    Try 2891. it's also fun level. Even after it was changed. 
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 10,058 Superstar
    Ok - I will. Thanks for the tip!

    "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winnie the Pooh

    Be sure to come check out the  Beginner's Corner and visit the lounge area 💕💕
    If you are new to the community please check here for helpful info: Learn more about the King Community
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  • CezdiamondCezdiamond Posts: 6,504 Community Manager
    Thanks everyone for the tips... keep them coming! More updates to follow soon!! :-) 

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  • Irene_lickyIrene_licky Posts: 6 Level 2
    Hi guys!
     If you want to get far 1st don’t stop trying and no matter how hard it gets at times keep trying.... for me this game taught me not quite when things get difficult even in life.
  • anna_02anna_02 Posts: 7 New Bee

    Hello sweet Community... We want to hear from you!

    We love reading your great tips and player tricks. You have helped countless players with their questions and your tips have helped many to crush their way through some of those trickier levels in Candy Crush Saga! 

    Now your skills could be worth their weight in gold!

    We want to share your amazing tips and tricks with our Helpcenter users, so every month we will feature a game suggestion that has come from YOU...our community!

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    *Please note that if you wish to remain anonymous this is no problem!  

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  • SammyjoSammyjo Posts: 202 Level 3
    Hi, my tip is about the candy bombs. I am sure that most players cringe- I know I do,when you realize that the level that you are about to play has candy bombs in it! When you first encounter the bombs, you should  note the countdown number on the bomb. You should try to never let the bomb countdown to zero, then your game is over. Each bomb will start blinking when the moves to clear it are 2 or below. You should not wait for it to blink before you decide how you are going to clear it, or you may be too late. If I think that I have a good chance of winning the level, and I can't clear a bomb, I will use a hammer to destroy it, before it counts down to zero. Also, try to get the bombs positioned toward the center of the board, instead of along the sides or in corners of the board, because this makes the bombs easier to clear. Sometimes, this is not possible, and isolated bombs can end games early. It is important to note that when you are on a number of moves level, that you can have a very large score, but, if  one of your bombs counts down to zero, even on your final move in the game, you have lost that level. In these types of levels, you will actually want to encounter candy bombs, because, if you match a color bomb with a candy color of one or more of the candy bombs on the board, you will get a much higher score. When you are playing a level with candy bombs, you should scan the entire board before each move. In this type of game, you must use up all of your moves, without any bombs exploding, which can be very difficult.
  • zzzumrutkoralzzzumrutkoral Posts: 1 New Bee

    everybody watching free video I cannot see any free watch video can you explain to me please!!!

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