Is there a way to turn off the auto Boosters such as Booster Bot

Rokoban_ManRokoban_Man Posts: 16
Some players wish to play candy crush without boosters.  Is there a way to disable the boosters such as Booster Bot?  I enjoyed trying to beat the level on the first try without the use of boosters.  Now there seems to be no way to do it.

I was previously able to go into a level that I had already completed, I would purposely loose the level to get rid of those auto boosters, but I can't any more.  Why don't you allow those boosters to be allowed in a completed levels any more?

If there is currently no option to turn of these boosters, maybe you could add an option to disable them in a future update.  

What good is a game that you are given an advantage to complete it?  It isn't a very challenging game now is it anymore.  You are making the game to easy for the people who cry that it is too hard to play,  what about the people who would like to be challenged while playing?

Thank you.


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