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Get rid of Timed Sugar Drops/Boosters



  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 7,770 Superstar
    Hello @bonnierae7, Hearty Welcome to the Candy Crush section of our friendly King Community :)

    Did you Vote on the first page of this Idea thread?  If not, please do so to show your support for this useful suggestion.  There is a big chance of an Idea getting implemented when it receives more votes :+1:

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  • mercerikmercerik Posts: 3,170 Legend
    Pummy Raj said:
    Hello @mercerik

    Glad to know that you have already posted your Idea.  Just went and checked it out.... you have explained with nice details!

    And yes!  Once we are here, we all are friends in the Community... a newbie or an old friend :+1:
    Hi @Pummy Raj!

    Hey, thanks for visiting my thread, Pummy! 🌹

    It is true that all of us should be friends here, especially when we have one thing in common, Candy Crush Games. We are here because we want Improvements in our favorite games.

    See you around!  

    A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever
    - John Keats

    Welcome To My Backyard!

    Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times and good times. 
    If you are going through hard times, have faith that good times are on the way. 
  • mercerikmercerik Posts: 3,170 Legend
    I do not like the timed sugar drops wish it would go back the way it was where You could get boosters.


    Hi Bonnie Rae! Welcome to the Community!

    Support this Thread by Tapping the Green Vote Bar! This will help bring the Old System Back.


    A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever
    - John Keats

    Welcome To My Backyard!

    Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times and good times. 
    If you are going through hard times, have faith that good times are on the way. 
  • navillus46navillus46 Posts: 15 Level 2
    Just get rid of timed boosters and go back to, we keep them forever. It seems so so simple. Doesn’t King see all upset people about this, or they just don’t care.
  • lmbarnettlmbarnett Posts: 4 New Bee
    Hate timed boosters!  Especially when they force fish or check mark boosters on me.  Fish that explode just what I don't want blown up or duplicate popcorn all over the board making it impossible to complete!  Worst idea ever! 😠
  • mariajardinemariajardine Posts: 20 Level 2
    I agree with everything MonicaBrasil wrote in her comment. King has achieved its goal of upsetting many of the top players who loyally collected boosters twice a day. I hope they are feeling pretty guilty 
  • Debbie_GarnerDebbie_Garner Posts: 38 Level 2
    Well put MonicaBrasil.  I am with you.
  • KasieKasie Posts: 28 Level 2
    Ok, I think I voted. But just in case, definitely bring back the original sugar drops. The timed ones totally change the game for me, and most likely will cause me to quit.
  • mom21mom21 Posts: 2 New Bee
    Ditto, ditto, ditto!!!  Vote by clicking on the "bearwithme" post of June 17.  At the bottom of the post is a counter with a "Vote Up" button.
  • quiltedpinkquiltedpink Posts: 10 New Bee
    You know what, King? I actually realised you're doing me a great favour and I thank you heartily for that. The introduction of the timed boosters and the consequent inability to gain proper ones, especially the hand and the lollipop, really upset me at first. I complained bitterly in this community, like many users did. Now I am THANKFUL. Here's why:

    I realised King does not want me to play like an addict. It doesn't want players like myself, who would play every day and at times, several times a day, going back to previous levels to gain new boosters and open new levels. It doesn't want me to actually spend more money than I should spend on a game. I doesn't want me going back to previous levels to collect more stars.

    Yesterday, I reached level 4925. I have 3 stars on all levels up to 1085. I always enjoyed playing for more stars. Now nearly all my gold bars, hands, and lollipops are gone. And I can't get them, unless I keep paying (not playing) more and more to get one or two at a time. 

    Suddenly I realised I no longer have to play!!!! I REALLY REALLY DON'T!!! King ensured that by not allowing us to collect regular boosters or hands or lollipops by playing the candy drop challenge every day. And I realised that was King's intention all along: to make you realise you are addicted to the game and addiction is unhealthy. I agree. It is.

    Well, perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps that's not what King think their intention is. Perhaps they think this makes the game more exciting. To be stuck and unable to move forward doesn't make it exciting for me at all, but I'm probably the exception. Probably it is thrilling for the other millions of players, so King will certainly not miss one less "addict" (maybe I'm the only one). 

    Monica - I could not have stated my feelings better myself.  I should be playing with my fabric or sewing on my quilts that I will be teaching in the fall anyway. So thank you King for freeing up my time for other hobbies and interests. I prefer to spend my money on fabric and not for gold bars. 

    I am a five year player at level 4425 as of yesterday. Summertime is the time I have usually up on Candy Crush levels, since it is too hot in the Sonoran Desert to do much outdoors. 
  • Randal_GroatRandal_Groat Posts: 47 Level 2
    I'm with all the others here. As someone  who has finished all levels and used to play everyday to collect boosters, now I just come in for daily spin and the daily boosters. 
    How would your advertisers feel about the people who used to play everyday be reduced to 1 minute doing a spin and leaving
  • anyamo82anyamo82 Posts: 8 New Bee
    Why am I always in the test groups for the worst updates  >:)
    Just a few days ago finally got back my SugarDrops, and now THIS

  • Tim_O'ConnellTim_O'Connell Posts: 25 New Bee
    anyamo82 said:
    Why am I always in the test groups for the worst updates  >:)

    Uh? In a test group? Isn’t this just the new norm? 
  • RoopanarayanRoopanarayan Posts: 38 Level 2
    Not able to win lollipop and hand switch now, esp hand switch, what's the point keeping them. Used to get them after collecting the sugar drops but with timed ones it's out of question now .
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