Why Yeti is so happy? Tell us and win Gold! (FINISHED)



  • bonnierae7bonnierae7 Posts: 3
    Yeti is so happy because they dropped the timed boosters and took it back to the old ways of getting the candy drops when you win just boosters.
  • JaydanaJaydana Posts: 4
    Yeti is so happy because....IT IS NEW LEVEL TIME!!
    He couldn't be more happy,with all the new levels.
  • vickydimplesvickydimples Posts: 5

    Weee, it's competition time again! 

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    Now is time to let your imagination roam free and step into some Yeti sized shoes. You see how Yeti has a special spring in his step? To enter this competition, comment below:

    What Yeti is so happy about and what is he shouting out? 

    Animated GIF

    4 winners will be picked out and each will receive 50 Gold Bars!

    You have until 28th of June 2019, 13:00 CET to participate and you'll find the Terms and Conditions here.

    Let's have some fun and good luck! 

  • GranBarbGranBarb Posts: 220 ✭✭✭✭
    Yeti is so happy because he found a cache of chocolate cake bombs! He ate some of them which made him super happy! But, he's calling out to Tiffi to come with him so he can give her some. The anticipation of seeing Tiffi makes him even happier!
    Chocolate & Tiffi make him just giddy! 
    All's well in the Land of Oz! Just have to keep an eye out for those twisters!
  • rayroonrayroon Posts: 1
    Yeti is happy because it’s finally summer and it feels good being home 🥰
  • nicky719nicky719 Posts: 7
    yeti is happy to be happy 
  • s9153264NINI995610s9153264NINI995610 Posts: 23
    Yeti is so happy cuz it had a day filled with joy and surprises
  • OrlandoOrlando Posts: 4
    Yeti is so happy because everyone loves his candy crush games and  he has so many friends from all over the world that he gets to meet.
  • PamNadeauPamNadeau Posts: 16
    Yeti is so happy because he met a girl. He can't wait for all of his friends to meet her.
  • Bonnielou35Bonnielou35 Posts: 3
    Yeti is happy to get more candy and more levels and is yelling hooray!!!!!!!
  • hakkegestoerthakkegestoert Posts: 2
    He is lucky...Because it is summertime... <3  B)
  • kireinakireina Posts: 1
    Yeti is so happy that summer has arrived! <3
  • LudiLudi Posts: 17 ✭✭
    Yeti is so happy, because looking in the background, you see snow covered mountains, which probably very cold. Now looking at Yeti, running away from that cold mountains, and finding himself on nice green grass with abundantly shining  sunlight....That is what makes Yeti so very happy
  • ReDrUm69ReDrUm69 Posts: 3
    He's just had his 5th soda bath of the day, and he's got a sarotonin SUGAR RUSH! WHOOOOOO HOO!!! Gotta go crush some candy now. Byeeeee😘🍬🍭🍫
  • Lilmamachris33Lilmamachris33 Posts: 26 ✭✭
    Because he gets to help eat all the candy, he has found all of his keys and his chest!!! Took a long time but he knew it would be worth it!!
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