Why can't I send or receive lives from friends?



  • ElsaElsa Posts: 17,881 Superstar
    Marilyn-3 said:
    I play on my home PC and my work MAC...same problems on both computers.
    Try to do the browser thing that I just mentioned above to see if you can get a change.  I'm not familiar with MAC but that would be a different browser, Safari.
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  • TrishMacCayTrishMacCay Posts: 12
    I am on Samsung Browser and I am on the current version ( update phone and apps at least twice a week) . My system says everything is up to date and theres no updates available. 
  • Marilyn-3Marilyn-3 Posts: 65 ✭✭
    I use Google Chrome on my home PC and Firefox on my work MAC. Facebook games are working correctly, but Candy Crush and Bubble Witch 2 Saga on King.com Kingdom Platform are not on either computer.
  • TrishMacCayTrishMacCay Posts: 12
    Samsung Browser,  Android, all apps and device up to date ( current software up to date) cell phone  ( which I didn't want to do  is what the tablet is for). 
  • mommommommom Posts: 1
    There not fixing a thing it used to be fun to get extra lives cause u could play a little longer  now it’s just to fast I’ve moved on to other games if they wanna be that way all  they want is us to pay can’t u c this?  I’m not paying move on there’s other games that u can get extra lives with no issue 
  • crush4mecrush4me Posts: 7
    Receiving no lives also....I play on a laptop using King.com. Seems the problem has been going on since Nov 2018...guess the problem is not going to be fixed....

  • MataiceAlisonMataiceAlison Posts: 162 ✭✭✭
    when i send lives to friends it shows the green tick but they don't .receive them
    and likewise to me , cant recieve any via kingdom account and my envelope on right hand corner of the game map is inactive!!
  • SuperditaSuperdita Posts: 2
    I've been playing for a lot of time this funny game and arrived at level 605. But now the tooth fairy seems to be on holiday...no way to pass to the next level. I don't want to pay for playing. Is it really over? Technical problems? What a pity...
  • MaryBLMaryBL Posts: 38 ✭✭
    Not sure if I believe the technical problems excuse. This has been going on for weeks now and I can't get passed the level without tooth fairy or tickets from friends,
    . If these two features are now discontinued and we need to pay each time then we should be told.
  • idilaidila Posts: 18
    Today - on King.com - I received 1 life (only 1, but better than nothing) after 1 month not getting any. I really hope that this is the solution we expected so long.
  • Marilyn-3Marilyn-3 Posts: 65 ✭✭
    I've gotten a few also from the same friend. But that's it. No improvement 
  • MataiceAlisonMataiceAlison Posts: 162 ✭✭✭
    well i just received 2 lives & 3 requests in my envelope
    just wondering if friends aint just sending lives or they are not receiving the request?where is the problem?
  • Marilyn-3Marilyn-3 Posts: 65 ✭✭
    I'm playing online on my computer through king.com  as I believe most with this problem are. Is that the platform you are using also? If you are suddenly receiving lives and requests through your envelope, perhaps  The problem has been fixed?
  • TippyToesTippyToes Posts: 8
    What "envelope" are you referring to? I'm still not getting lives and only get an occasional request. I am now about to get a life if I'm willing to watch a commercial 😖.
  • Marilyn-3Marilyn-3 Posts: 65 ✭✭
    What are you playing from to get an ad?
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