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King.com issue: Why can't I send or receive lives/help on Candy Crush Saga?



  • Jelly_JennyJelly_Jenny Posts: 1,899 Community Manager
    edited July 2019
    @SC2411, @susanbeverleylucas @Superdita @Phantomas007 @TrishMacCay @MaryBL @adale

    This is an existing thread regarding king.com not receiving lives, extra moves or roadblock tickets at king.com. This is a known issue only on king.com, so if you are playing the game on any other platform (Windows 10 app, mobile or Facebook) you can use that as a workaround while our game team is working on the issue. 

    I will update this thread when this is fixed. Thanks very much for your patience! 

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  • martaymartay Posts: 0 New Bee
    I can no longer send or receive extra lives, nor can I request help Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this ?
  • Crimson_DawnCrimson_Dawn Posts: 2,440 Legend
    Hello, @martay! I'm going to give you the link to the main thread for this problem. Our Community Moderator will give updates as soon as she gets them. Have a great day!
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  • MaryBLMaryBL Posts: 53 Level 3
    I have run out of patience and will not be playing any game for now. Too frustrating.
  • HodgiemamaHodgiemama Posts: 14 Level 2
    Hello again.  I am not  using windows 7...I am using windows 8.  I am not using an app...I am playing directly on King.com.  Like many of these good people I am not receiving lives/unlocks/etc. nor do I believe that the mail I am trying to send to others is actually getting sent.  The problem has existed for several weeks.  I have placed two tickets on it and only receive a form notice that it was received and one to rate the response...what response? 
  • angiehereangiehere Posts: 25 Level 2
    Just an update on this thread, which I started at the end of May.  Still no progress in relationship to solving the problem.  Have investigated playing the Windows 10 version from the store and elected not to do so, due to the amount of stuff that would get loaded on my machine that I don't want and would have no control over.  

    My response to this problem is that I now check Candy Crush Saga each morning to assure myself that the problem is still not resolved (as expected), spin the wheel and claim my booster, maybe play a few previous levels to get more candy for more boosters, then move on to Farm Heroes Saga, which is now the only game of the previous seven games I still play. 

    Dropping six out of seven games has saved me a bunch of money and given me more time to watch Netflix and Hulu during the day in between customers in my shop.  Will I play it again, should the problem be resolved?  Sure.  Will I play all seven of the games as I did before this all started?  Nope.  Once the habit of spending time and money on pointless endeavors has been broken, it is thankfully less attractive from this current hindsight perspective. 

    Was fun while it lasted.  
  • juana29juana29 Posts: 10 Level 2
    Hi, I'm new to the community, although I've been playing for a long time. I share everything Angiehere says. And I think like me, thousands more. It's very sad what happened with Candy. And very strange that having spent more than 1 month have not solved this issue. Rare that a platform, with the number of people working there have not been able to solve that problem. Rare because when we write to the attention of the client, an automatic response comes from Facebook blablabla. I think we have a lot of patience, but it happens that as they have said so much, it's time to go to Netflix or anywhere else. In life is all question of customs and as a popular saying says "everything that has pricipio, has an end".
  • DeryckDeryck Posts: 410 Level 4

    @juana29  Others have mentioned this as a joke, but I think it's what's actually happening: They're not doing a single thing. All King associates seem to recommend as a fix is switching to the new HTML5 platform where players are treated to levels with less moves, timed boosters everywhere, and no friends' lives still being sent anyway. All those things lead to players being more likely to spend money on boosters, which is in King's interests.

    I'm glad you and others here are speaking up about ditching CCS and King games in general. They'll get the message soon enough.

  • Betty_KellyBetty_Kelly Posts: 65 Level 2
    I don't understand why everyone keeps saying they can't send lives.  The way I do it is when I win a level, I scroll down past the last Friend that I want to send a life to and click on that level and the "ticket" comes up to send lives.  You may pick any of your Friends from the list.  They in turn can send you lives once they receive lives.  Simple and, by the way, I'm in the 4000 level!  I think "this dog has been beaten to death" enough.  It is time to move on.
  • DeryckDeryck Posts: 410 Level 4

    @Betty_Kelly  This thread is majority of players who play on King.com, where there was a known issue with sending/receiving lives - which btw has a different setup of sending lives from the platform I can tell you're using since you're in the 4000s levels. Officially, the issue was recently "fixed". (ahem)

    But even on the new platform, I stopped receiving lives around the same time the King.com issue started, where I used to receive 3-5 lives every day. My envelope number hasn't budged for a month now.

    With the Win10 app I can send lives fine clicking the heart. But I doubt whether lives are actually registering - on the new platform OR the old.

    If you've been receiving 3-5 lives every day for the past month, consider yourself very lucky. To be honest I never even used my lives. I just liked hoarding them in my mailbox - and that's why I'm griping. 😂

  • Betty_KellyBetty_Kelly Posts: 65 Level 2
    Deryck, I play on FB, my Kindle, my PC-Win 10, and my IPad.  As far as playing on King.com, I guess I don't.  All of those different devices have the exact same format for the game.  FB had the old version longer than the other devices and it was very easy to send lives. And, no, I don't get 3-5 lives a day, sometimes not even a week but that's ok.  I use the ones I get to help me move on up.  I've considered quitting the game or at least cutting back on time spent but it is very contagious so haven't done so yet.  Now, they've added the 5000 level.  Don't get me wrong.  I've been very aggravated with the support from King but who hasn't?  I'm just tired of getting all the email from this topic. 
  • TCanter49TCanter49 Posts: 1 New Bee
  • juana29juana29 Posts: 10 Level 2
    Hello Betty Kelly, I do not understand how you play and where. Since I started the game I played at King.com online. I tell you that at that moment I only reached the thousand and something level and it ended. Then with another email I started again, because I really liked the Candy Crush Saga. So I play almost since I started and always in the same way. I am new to the community, that is, trying to communicate what started to happen to me as of May 29. But it's not just me, it's thousands more. that you do not have problems at all because you do not teach us those who do not have Facebook and we play online. Why do I ask what happened? I think that all those who ask are not donkeys. Thank you and have a good day. I do not understand why you are tired. In life, it is enough to be simple and kind to those who are educated because we do not know.
  • juana29juana29 Posts: 10 Level 2
    Hello Deryck, you are lucky to receive at least some life. Since May 29 I have not received a single life. I repeat, I still do not understand. It would be nice if it is now a payment game, say it. I always play at King.com , since it started and did not reach more than the thousand and something level. I do not have social networks and do not play in any other way. And it hurts me to leave, but I will not be spending more money here. Moderators say we have patience. If my weight has been infinite patience. In this community, I am new, so I read the only one that has no problems is Betty Kelly. It would be good that since she is so tired, she will teach us all.
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