Deleting life requests

babedanbabedan Posts: 1
I have over 30 of them from one person. How do I delete?


  • electa1216electa1216 Posts: 2
    I’m on level 1602 and will probably end up deleting the whole app because King refuses to find a way to allow players to control these obnoxious people who request 40 and 50 lives!!!! This has become terribly annoying at this point, and most of these people are not even my Facebook friends... also, I don’t request lives often, but somehow my Facebook friends are annoyed at my multiple requests that I didn’t send... if something isn’t done about this very quickly I will delete the app and disconnect it from my Facebook profile as well... I’m definitely gonna have to take a break for now I think it’s a shame  King won’t do a better job than this with the requests. Too many players  have been complaining and getting general answers!! Shame on you King!! Smh
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    @babedan ; @electa1216

    Hi there! Welcome to the Community!

    If you get annoyed with your Lives Requests on Facebook, you'll have to change your Facebook Notifications Settings. If you Turn Everything Off in your Facebook Notifications, no one can bother you at all. People there can send you as much requests they want but if you don't see them, they are wasting their time. Why get mad, get even?

    Hope this helps!

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  • electa1216electa1216 Posts: 2
    Thank you for responding... however, I don’t want to turn off all notifications I enjoy interacting with players that are my Facebook friends... your game has been very popular for a long time and I would’ve hoped to see it more developed by now so that players can have more control of their interactions with others through app OR Facebook. If I don’t use Facebook often but use your app hours on end during the day, why shouldn’t I be able to control more from there rather than be forced to go on Facebook? Does Facebook own the app??? Furthermore, I think it’s terrible to offer an all or nothing solution for all the details I mentioned... still angry!! Sorry!!!
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