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Get rid of Timed Sugar Drops/Boosters



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  • BlueViewBlueView Posts: 3 Newbie
    I found this out today on my computer. I will no longer play on a desktop.   

    My phone hasn't reverted to this money-grab greed. If/when so, I will delete the app. Makes the game completely unusable past level 2000 as majority require Boosters in order to pass (in a reasonable amount of time...)
  • mother3mother3 Posts: 4 Newbie
    I personally hate them, because anything that is timed I don't recieve. So annoying

  • grffxprsgrffxprs Posts: 87 Level 3
    Can't figure out how to vote either. Please bring the regular boosters back!!!! Hat hate hate it that way. 
  • cmtayloe_cmtayloe_ Posts: 22 Newbie
    @grffxprs - I couldn’t find it either, but I think I did 😁Click #1 on this page and it’s on the first page of this thread. Its  called  “up vote” click that. I kept looking for yes keep them or no 
  • Jo_ChernusJo_Chernus Posts: 6 Level 2
    Please give us regular boosters back! The timed boosters usually are wasted - like when I run out of lives on a tough level!

    Also, please bring equity to all players. Give everyone the same amount of time to wait for new lives. I read some people only wait 20 minutes. And the least amount of wait time to accumulate Sugar Drops - which are NOT TIMED!!
  • inkeyeinkeye Posts: 1 Newbie
    I’m ok with timed boosters IF it would include equal free play time. Otherwise, I’d prefer having the stored rewards
  • David_S._PopeDavid_S._Pope Posts: 16 Level 2
    This is what really ticks me off! I had gained enough sugar drops with two lives left, but it didn’t give me my rewards until I ran out of lives. Not cool!K
  • Peggy-6Peggy-6 Posts: 7 Newbie
    Ok, so they are not listening and don't seem to care what the majority is saying. I for one will not spend another cent on this game until the devs get rid of the timed boosters. Total money grab. There are too many games out there that are fair and  I will support them by spending my money on them.
  • Tim_O'ConnellTim_O'Connell Posts: 25 Newbie
    inkeye said:
    I’m ok with timed boosters IF it would include equal free play time. Otherwise, I’d prefer having the stored rewards
    Doesn’t this kind of comment confuse the whole issue?

    King, just get rid of timed boosters. And more importantly, make the game fair for all users. Regular boosters returned for me weeks ago, they should have returned for everybody.
  • Beauty1Beauty1 Posts: 39 Level 2
    @bearwithme @jenny jelly Please give us an update as promised!  It’s obvious that we have communicated our discontent with timed boosters; it’s time to respect us and reply to our numerous concerns

  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 12,516 Candy Moderator
    I talked to @Jelly Jenny and she said the studio is now trying a combination of timed and regular boosters out. I have noticed this in the Daily Calendar where several are timed boosters like a timed hammer, a timed switch, a timed choose what direction a stripe goes and a timed UFO and the alternate days are regular boosters. I think that can be very helpful because those are high value boosters as long as you have lives and new levels available. If you don’t have any new levels or are waiting for lives - then the booster(s) wasted. 
    Unfortunately it appears there may still be a small group of people getting timed boosters for collecting sugar drops. Hopefully that will end soon. 
  • Beauty1Beauty1 Posts: 39 Level 2
    I have both; time calendar (alternating days) and timed sugar drops. Both are useless!
    Still discontented🤨
  • Lynn_KalbfleischLynn_Kalbfleisch Posts: 32 Level 2
    @Jelly Jenny still getting timed boosters for sugar drops and now half the time on daily calendar.  I read before that this madness would probably end the middle of August.  Well, now its almost the end of August.  I have passed all levels so these are really a waste for me.   The good news is that my screen time has been down 26% the past two weeks according to my weekly summary.
  • mtbobo2mtbobo2 Posts: 2 Newbie
    They are giving timed boosters for daily calendar now and even the sweet chests.  I'm playing less and maybe get my life back as I won't be giving them any money for lives or boosters.  Such a stupid move on their part and apparently they are not listening to feedback as many are irritated and fed up.
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