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Get rid of Timed Sugar Drops/Boosters



  • Deryck
    Deryck Posts: 1,055 Level 5
    Hello everyone, 

    Updates for the Sugar Drops: Currently majority of players are receiving a mixture of timed and non-timed boosters as Sugar Drop rewards. 

    As the team keeps exploring the best options for these rewards, your feedback plays an important role in the process. The more specific you are in your feedback, the better it helps us to pass it onto the game studio.

    *edit*: As the rewards have been tweaked, by specific feedback I mean feedback on this current mixture of rewards.* 

    Although I realize this is an idea to remove timed boosters altogether, I wanted to update everyone on this topic here too. 
    I don't get a mixture in the Win10 app, only timed. But it doesn't matter since I just play on to get the regular nontimed boosters there, as I have all along.

    But for those players who don't want to use, they shouldn't have to put up with getting timed boosters. They are useless for all the reasons that have been stated on these now 36 pages. I'm not repeating anymore.

    btw the game has gotten so tedious I don't even bother signing in to this community anymore. See your response next week! Or maybe more! 😏
  • leahjane10
    leahjane10 Posts: 76 Level 3
    In my case, this "combo" of timed & untimed boosters really means about 2 or 3 lollipop hammers...ALL OTHERS are timed.  This barely helps!  GO BACK TO NON-TIMED BOOSTERS!
  • Katrina_A
    Katrina_A Posts: 66 Level 3
    The more I have been moaning on here about the changes, the more I have lost of features on Candy Crush. Now only get fantastic five and booster wheel which only gives me sugar bomb or striped and wrapped candy. I'm guessing that with this moaning post I'll probably lose that too :P
  • Fr_Cayman
    Fr_Cayman Posts: 68 Level 2
    This isn't right.  I feel guilty now because mine are back to normal and have been for a while.  King is being nasty about this.  Truly nasty.  
  • beachlover1
    beachlover1 Posts: 26 Level 2
    edited August 2019
    It would be great if I didn't get all timed boosters. I will not be playing again until new levels come out next Wednesday. Maybe by then I will have found another game that I enjoy more. I really enjoyed this game. When I run out of boosters game over
  • rochellemcbride1234
    rochellemcbride1234 Posts: 6 Level 2
     I just played today and I got ALL timed boosters, there was NO regular boosters given to me. And then to top it off at the end of the game they gave me four timed boosters that I can’t even use as I’m in an eight hour time out!. I wonder if they ever play the game themselves and see what happens? They might get their eyes open if they did 
  • seasong
    seasong Posts: 113 Level 3
    Please CCS bring back us regular boosters.
    I’m on last level, timed booster are useless and there is no fun anymore with this game
    Lenny (France)
  • beachlover1
    beachlover1 Posts: 26 Level 2
    I would love to have my boosters not to be timed boosters when I play candy drops. They are a waste of time to play for. 
  • David_S._Pope
    David_S._Pope Posts: 16 Level 2
    I’m done complaining and I am done playing. I’ve gotten awarded with too many timed boosters after I use my last life when they should have been awarded after I used my first life. I’m not coming back until it gets fixed. 
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