Blackberry Motion, can't accept to send lives



  • spyspy Posts: 9
    Hi @haddadiamond
    I have now reached 120 lives pending and never got a suitable answer... Guess nobody can't really help on that matter.
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 21,306 Superstar
    @spy, I gave you another option to play the game through King but you said that you preferred to stay with Facebook and play with your friends.  Facebook always seems to have glitches on top of the Blackberry not being supported to the game.  Why aren't you trying to play with King?
  • CornevhCornevh Posts: 2
    Hi, It seems all the games for Blackberry Priv has this problem although it is android based.
  • spyspy Posts: 9
    @Elsa yes you did propose this alternative but there has been no solution to my problem as such that's what I meant. 
    @Cornevh I have a BlackBerry Motion and it is the same issue. I guess only a BlackBerry specialist could answer but went to some dedicated forum and could not get the answer either
  • bwalebwale Posts: 1
    Hello folks!

    Thanks for bringing this issue up @spy and @Elsa your attempts to help appreciated.

    This is a problem on the BlackBerry KeyTwo as well. Im up to 119 lives that I cannot send to my friends on Facebook.

    Whilst candy crush on Kingdom is fun for some, the connection Facebook friends is what makes candy crush work for me, and my not being able to send lives to friends purely because I can't see the send button is beyond me, especially that BlackBerry is android based now.

    Can anyone bring a lasting solution to this please?


    @haddadiamond, anything? 

    There's got to be a way... surely...
  • haddadiamondhaddadiamond Posts: 4
    Sorry i have no answer. Maybe we should all report this problem on blackberry website and they find a way to adapt the size of the screen for the game. A new upodate of the software might be needed. Its the same problem with snapchat or instagram. Its a screen size issue. 
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