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How many hours you spend on candy crush?

muhamad10muhamad10 Posts: 8 Level 2
Personally I am addicted and literally wait 30 minutes for each live so I can continue playing 😂


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 5,884 Game Expert
    Hello and welcome to this community

    That sounds like a long time to me when you have to wait. Why don't you play more legends. They are also fun and you can bridge the time to wait for life. I would like to send you to the ideas section. Vote there diligently.

     Even I opened many.

     That could help you!

     Good luck with your search.

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    A look at my profile would help everyone! 

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  • JethrinaBodinaJethrinaBodina Posts: 767 Game Expert
    muhamad10 said:
    Personally I am addicted and literally wait 30 minutes for each live so I can continue playing 😂
    Honestly? I'm not sure I'm ready to admit how many hours a day I play! It's too many, that's for sure. If my phone was waterproof... I would probly have it in the shower with me, lol
    You need to find a friend that'll send you lives! Then no waiting 😊 
    I have a lot going on in my life that I wish I didn't have to think about...this game gives my brain a distraction and this Community page gives me even more than that. 
    We never know what a person is dealing with or what kind of day they're having... That's why Be Kind is my signature line.
    I hope you find as much, as well. 

    Wash your 🙌 Mom said so! 😷

    Patience is a virtue. Peace is a journey. ✌😎🦎

  • mani6786mani6786 Posts: 1 New Bee
    Hi so interesting game i like very much i play this game daily after every hours
  • DeepshikhaSharanDeepshikhaSharan Posts: 1,480 Game Expert
    I spend more than an hour

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