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Upcoming changes in Candy Crush Saga: Sugar Track, Build-a-bot, and more



  • macdogmacdog Posts: 67 Level 2

    this is great news. now is there any way i can get my lives back for trying?

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • Tricia55Tricia55 Posts: 168 Level 2

    Glitch appears to be fixed. I used one flying saucer and it hit the keys still on the board and opened up the candies that were locked. I passed it.

  • Tricia55Tricia55 Posts: 168 Level 2

    macdog probably not. I lost all my bots and was told I won't be getting them back :(

  • mariajardinemariajardine Posts: 56 Level 3

    I got new levels today, that was a good surprise. However; I am still very annoyed about the sugar drops: I don’t understand why King keeps upsetting its loyal players by removing the sugar drops.

  • BiazangBiazang Posts: 15 Level 2

    I also don't agree that we lose lives when we close, unfair

  • Bumper2019Bumper2019 Posts: 3,271 Level 5
    edited March 2020

    Can anyone shed light on the mystery of the stopping clock on community posts?

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,078 Level 4

    In these trying times of financial hardship as the effects of the Coronavirus get worse, whoever made the decision to get rid of Build a Bot, Dexter and the Sugar Track should be ashamed of themselves. While the rest of the world is helping each other, King is on a desperate money grab !!!!! In the Games Studio's haste to release 15 new levels to grab more money, they could not even check for glitches, hence players lost valuable boosters on a level that couldn't be solved !!And then to top it off, King advertises a "Spring Sale" to grab more money. So while Banks, Governments and businesses are doing everything in their power to give relief and comfort to people isolated in their homes, King decides it is a perfect opportunity to make money. Shame, shame, shame 😡😡

  • Joe000Joe000 Posts: 42 Level 2

    CCS is not evolving it is devolving. The creative team continues to tweak our game to the point that it is just not fun playing. I remember collecting Sugar Drops (C) when you could play twice a day and hit 180 in 35-45 minutes and win and save Boosters. First they took all Sugar Drops away, then they made all the boosters timed. Next a few were not timed. Then you could only get 5 Drops per level. How wonderful it was when they brought back the original game for two weeks. Only to remove Sugar Drops entirely again. Can you stop the madness and bring back Sugar Drops in its original form?

  • Tina_Williams-2Tina_Williams-2 Posts: 251 Level 3

    I play on an Amazon Fire. There seems to be a glitch. When I finish a new round and do not get 3 stars after the round finishes I get a screen to replay without an option for next. If I exit out it freezes on the other screen that I am attaching. I am really happy to be playing again.

  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 21,000 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome to this community

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The CM and manager can explain this better. ALL GOOD ♥♥♥

    @Pounawea & @Crazy Cat Lad

  • Kazza-3Kazza-3 Posts: 163 Level 3

    Where are all the new features they promised?

    Here I am stuck at home like so many others. And playing CC is hardly helping pass the time.

    My bot disappeared on Monday so haven’t had it all week. And for the 2nd round in a row I’m the only person collecting points for the Fantastic Five. Last time I didn’t even win the 1st lollipop reward, and this time 4 days in I’ve collected a whopping 315 points. It’s useless when I’m passing so few levels. And I’m missing out on that valuable UFO.

    So many of us are struggling due to isolating ourselves. It would be nice to get a bit of relief playing a game but that’s just not happening. What a shame.

  • Candyboy101Candyboy101 Posts: 20 Level 2

    Hi Candy Crush Community,

    I wanted to say this people need to stop cheating in ‘ Royal championship.’ Hi Candy Crush developers, this game is not fair and I did had a poor experience with this game. This game needs to have improvements and updated since my experience was poor. Other people receives ‘free items’ free moves’ ‘free lives’ and ‘free spins’ including ‘Lucky Bean’ as well. On my account I did not get all of them ‘free items’ so make this available for my device so that I can enjoy this game otherwise I will delete this game even though I love this game. I also keep losing and other player even win or cheat. All I’m asking is make ‘free items’ available on my device meaning Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, Candy Crush Friends Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga.

  • Raisa_HakimRaisa_Hakim Posts: 49 Level 2

    Quickly update the game as i have already completed it.......

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