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Upcoming changes in Candy Crush Saga: Sugar Track, Build-a-bot, and more



  • arminearmine Posts: 1 New Bee

    when I get back sugar drops

  • terenceallenterenceallen Posts: 1 New Bee

    Two days now, no sugar drops to collect

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 1,797 Level 5
    edited March 31

    Hi Eddie, it probably is unofficial stats. I happen to stubble upon it searching for alternate games to play.

    I just clicked on the link, from the report and it is the amount for CCS only

    Average amount players spent per day on Candy Crush in 2018:

    $4.2 million per day

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 2,475 Legend

    Welcome, newcomers.

    You're both a bit late to the party that never stops, but that's OK.

    Read the first post here to find out what's going on, then vote here & here (if you wish); maybe make a difference.

    Will it actually make a difference?

    Probably not.

    But many others have voted, so WTH?

  • FarhaPiaFarhaPia Posts: 30 Level 2

    Okay! So that's why I can't win the win-a-bit challange... ๐Ÿ˜ข The levels are too hard!

    But interesting too... ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 36,078 Game Expert

    @Eddie_Sparrow that is a frightening stat. and they make all these changes and why, to try make a little profit, this one may backfire on them never known so many people complaining about the game. CCS was always about enjoyment and passing your spare time away enjoying this highly addictive game, problem now people just not enjoying it. Strange decision now matter when it was implemented. Lets hope that they see the error of there ways or the new features are just as good as the old and get replaced quickly

  • AheadofmyfriendsAheadofmyfriends Posts: 22 Level 2

    Half the fun was playing older levels to get sugar drops. Do they think this is better than the "only 5 limit"? They're taking all the fun out.

  • Namrata_LodayaNamrata_Lodaya Posts: 73 Level 3


    this is a great shock

    you are giving unlimited life for 24 hours but what to do with that

    i have completed all the new levels

    generally i play old levels to collect boosters

    so now u want that players should not play

    good on your revenue part

    why cant KING come with surprises rather than shocks

  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 8,315 Community Manager

    Hi @Llamallamared23 and welcome to our Community!

    Please check more info about this here.

    ๐Ÿฌ Play Candy Crush Saga ๐Ÿพ Play Candy Crush Soda Saga ๐Ÿฎ Play Candy Crush Jelly Saga
    ๐Ÿ‘ฌ Play Candy Crush Friends Saga ๐Ÿท Play Farm Heroes Saga
  • Eddie_SparrowEddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 4

    This is very funny. Same here. Why should we play previous levels if we don't get sugar drops or bot build up. Besides, new life isn't a problem since it's easy to get them simply by changing the date.

    Better you cancel your stupid changes made in the worst possible time. Restore bots build up, sugar drop and remove the idiotic new menu bar.

  • Bumper2019Bumper2019 Posts: 3,271 Legend

    I agree with you @heehawrules but there is more to consider.

    1) If you have never spent money on this game, come on here complaining and then say that you will stop playing if they don't change it back is absurd. My response to you on behalf of King/Activision is to say "See ya, don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya". YOU are one of the reasons these changes are coming, so thanks for being part of the problem.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you here and have posted to that effect in the past. However it is equally no loss to them if those players continue and it gives those who do pay, goals to beat.

    2) Activision does not care about long term players that have helped to make them the top downloaded games in history. You (and I) know how to work the system to your advantage, occasionally buy boosters but mostly milk the freebies, etc. You blow through the levels and they have pay people tons of money to keep releasing content. They would actually prefer if you leave as collateral damage, because......

    If you contemplate how much it would cost to employ 500 developers vs the income from the game it is a drop in the ocean, besides which, in a poll held in this very forum, it was clear that most at the top of the game are not so bothered about having many levels released each week and went for the lower option. The less levels there are, the longer they spend at the top and I for one enjoyed exploring the rest of the levels and building boosters whilst waiting for Wednesday. The only disadvantages being it is not possible to win the weekly race or make points on Fantastic 5.

    3) Their bread and butter are all the lower level folks. They are not fully addicted yet, are an untapped revenue stream that does not know anything about the "old ways". They just have the new game, and their normal is whatever King tells them. A blank slate.

    The low levels don't last very long - Up to 800 is how the game was back in 2014. Sure they may spend and get hooked...but when they reach the levels designed when we relied on Bots and Sugar Tracks they will be stuck for weeks at a time on most of the levels, unless they fork out an extortionate amount. If all they have is F5, that they can't even earn points on, they will quit.

    I don't have figures but I imagine the majority of players are between 800 and 6000. They are the ones feeling screwed over with the removal of features, whether they pay in invested time or dollars. The 'new' players will share their frustration.

    4) So Activision will out of necessity (to them) clear out a lot of players (most of whom are near the top) who will complain at every change. Weed them out and replace them with new revenue streams.

    It is not a necessity to them, besides, the quicker they ruin the enjoyment of the game the quicker they will lose fresh meat. Word spreads.

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